Naturist Lock Down Idea #3: Play Board Games in the Buff


Board games? Really, why not video games? A little bit more modern, no? Well, you know, to me the big difference between video and board games? The interaction! But a video games tournament may work as well. The idea behind this activity: have fun together with a set of activities you can carry on while entirely naked.

Dust Off the Games

There’s a good probability you have a set of board games somewhere in your house or apartment. You know, this old Monopoly, your grand-ma offered you for Xmas, fifteen years ago! Yes, this one! You probably did not remember how many banknotes you need to distribute and there may be a few green houses or red hotels that are missing, but hey, it still works. And really, if you don’t remember the rules, a Google or DuckDuckGo search will find them in a matter of two clicks.

Monopoly (game) - Wikipedia

Monopoly is one example, but you may have a board of checkers or backgammon somewhere. May be a Risk, a Scrabble or a Stratego. And yeah, you may end up with just a deck of cards or a set of domino. But you know, what, there are hundreds of games you can play with all those games. So, come on, dust on off, look for some rules over the net, and set the game on.

No, it’s not Strip Poker

Why playing naked, should you ask? Do we do a kind of strip poker? To the second question, the answer is a blatant no. It’s not a strip poker, because, what I’m proposing is that you play in the buff, from the get-go. So to the first question, the answer is straightforward when you are a naturist: because you don’t need clothes to play board games. If you are not naturist, the answer may take a little bit longer.

The fact is a lot of activities can be done entirely naked. I listed 101 of those already. For non-naturist in your confined zone, have them read this list and the 7 reasons why they should consider naturism. Then, propose that nudity be a requirement to play board games. Why? Because it’s so comfortable. Think about it two seconds. You do not need any clothing to play board games, there’s no health risks. Furthermore, it’s a great way to differentiate between social nudity and sexual nudity.

close-up photo of red dice

Communal nudity is inherently non sexual. This means you can have a drink, play a game of cards or garden while entirely naked. For those non naturist that will play the board game with you, it’s a great opportunity to be exposed to non-sexual communal nudity. Will some be shocked? May be! Then it’s a great opportunity to explain what naturism is about. If you happen to have naturist magazines, then share them.

Relax and Fun

You may have understood that playing board games while being entirely naked follow two purposes. The first one is to have fun with the people you are locked down with. The second one is to contribute to normalizing naturism. I’m a firm believer that being naked at home, outside, alone or with friends, in a communal, family and friendly setting, is perfectly normal. It’s not only normal, it should be a personal choice when temperature and security allow it. Therefore, playing board games with friends and family should be done naked if participants wish to be naked.

Like in naturism, nudity is a means, not the end. For playing board games, nudity is a means to be comfortable, relaxed, not the end. The end if to have fun and create more bonding with friends and family during this long period. The end is to bring levity and positiveness in this period full of anxiety.

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I have always personally found that nudity was adding a level of comfort and relaxation to any activity. Washing the dishes or doing some house chores always seem funnier when done naked. I cannot explain the reason why, it’s just something I noticed over my years as a seasoned, and sometimes adventurous, naturist.

I would love to hear from you. Have you already played board games naked? How was the experience? Was it at home or at a naturist resort? Share your experience. Sharing is caring!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love !

Photo by Christopher Paul High, Lesly Juarez, and Tim Foster on Unsplash

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