Naked Hiking, A Wonderful Naturist Activity


The Naked European Walking Tour has been existing for over 15 years now. It allows nudists from all over the world to gather in Austria for a week long of hiking in the best possible way: naked. Maarten, who has been participating every year, for a long time now, is filming and producing videos about the event. The 6 videos below are about the 2020 edition of the NEWT. They allow to realize what naked hiking is about, to normalize nudity in every day life, and to share a wonderful activity in beautiful setting.

Simple nudity is legal in Austria, as in many other European countries, and the sceneries are gorgeous, hence the choice of location. Because some nudity appears in those videos, you will need to Youtube to view them (moving to Vimeo may ease the pain here). I love those videos for many reasons. First, because they totally “desexualise” nudity, showing nudity as a normal state of being. Second, because they show nudity in a mixed environment, shared by textile, normalising it. Third, because they show that naturists are not crazy people or exhibitionnists as many thinks, but rational and sensible people.

Once you start hiking naked, you realize there’s really no other way to hike comfortably. Nudity brings an incredible level of comfort and freedom that adds a lot to the experience of hiking. Enjoy those videos and start, or continue, to hike naked!

If you want to know more about naked hiking, I highly recommend the book Naked Hiking. It will give you different points of view about naked hiking from all over the world. Naked hiking is a wonderful activity that requires little but provides so much.

Strip naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love !

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  2. My wife and I have been hiking nude for many years all over the US. Generally with a group, but also on our own. Seeing these videos makes us want to venture to Austria, or Europe in general, to enjoy hiking there. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Very many thanks for your piece on nude hiking, the videos are superb and I would love to join this but sadly not possible. Good luck luck and best wishes to all those venturing out and about on the next naked hiking adventure, I’m with you in spirit if not in body.

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