How to behave at a nudist resort


That’s it, you’ve made your decision. This is your first visit to a nudist resort and you are wondering how it will be. Rest assured, there is every chance that things will go well and that your naturist stay will be the start of a great and beautiful adventure where nudity, simplicity and conviviality will play a central role.

If there was just one tip for you, it’s this: don’t get confused! Be yourself. Act normally. Behave naturally, as you would anywhere else. A naturist center is only different from a non-naturist space by the practice of nudity together. It’s huge, you may tell! From the point of view of naturism, no. It’s just normal. Hands apart from nudity, everything remains the same. It’s normal that you are asking yourself questions. A second piece of advice for the very first time: when you arrive, share with the reception personnel that you are a beginner. All the centers will give you a special welcome and will do everything to make you comfortable.

Get naked in your body, get naked in your mind

The first rule of a nudist resort is therefore to get naked. Yep, that’s what you came for, right? You will probably have to go through the reception as soon as you arrive. If the staff can be naked there, you will no doubt be dressed, unless you have traveled naked, as I often do in the car, but that’s another story. At the reception, the staff can offer you a tour of the center. You can do it naked or not. The rules are flexible, especially with the beginners and new visitors.

I advise you to strip off as quickly as possible, including when visiting the resort. Rest assured, you are in a nudist resort, nudity is the rule. So, don’t wait! The longer you wait, the more questions you ask yourself, the more doubt you allow to settle. The easiest thing, in my opinion, is to undress when you arrive. If you are modest, use the bathroom to undress in privacy, if not, undress on the spot and put your things in a bag or in your car.

Femme dégrafant son soutien-gorge

The first time other people see you naked, it might feel weird. This feeling goes away quickly, especially when you realize that perfection does not exist, that other naturists are not magazine models and that no one is paying attention to your nakedness. In fact, nudity, if it is a rule, is “invisible.” It is not a center of interest. At first you will think that everyone is going to be watching you, but you will quickly find that they are not. Or rather, yes, other naturists will no doubt be smiling and friendly, and will naturally come to say hello. You have just joined the large naturist family, made of respect and friendliness.

To get naked physically is also to get naked mentally. For some, this pushes the limits of comfort and can be psychologically unsettling for a time. You feel as if you are totally discovering yourself, which physically is true. Pushing back the limits of comfort also means building greater self-confidence, a greater acceptance of one’s own differences, scars and flaws. It is actually getting stronger. So, if you are not totally comfortable for the first few hours, tell yourself that this is normal, but temporary. You are building a better version of yourself.

Naked rules and know-how

You will quickly meet other nudists and feel the well-being that nudity causes. However, in the nudist resort, campsite or village where you are, there are explicit and some implicit rules. Ask for them. Some restaurants are textiles in the evening. I know this is weird, but if it’s the rule, it’s the rule. In general, swimming pools are exclusively naturists and all swimsuits are prohibited. There is nothing wrong with asking, quite the contrary.

As for the implicit rules, they are those of good manners in society and shared nudity. The first concerns sexuality. Nudism does not mean exhibition, nor voyeurism, nor swinging. The only thing that the entire population of the naturist center has consented to is shared nudity. So we don’t have sex in the open air, in full view of everyone. If we can kiss our partner or give them a hug, we stop there. If excitement is building, it is time to return to your privacy.

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So we behave naked as we would behave dressed, it’s that simple, no more and no less. But I am male and what if I have an erection? This is one of the natural fears of any naturist man. First of all, I want to kill a myth. Naturists are sexual beings and have sexual desires. If they don’t express it in public as I said, it is natural and pleasurable to have sex between consenting adults. It is also natural and pleasant to feel desire for others. This desire can then manifest, for a man, by an erection.

The erection is natural and normal. Now, should we impose the sight of an erect rod on everyone? There are two schools of thought on this matter. The first consider that an erection doesn’t have to be shameful so it doesn’t have to be hidden. The second is that while you should not be ashamed, it is in the realm of the intimate. Personally, I am in between the two with a penchant for the second. I advise the beginner in naturism to have a humble attitude and to lie down on his belly or to go back to a quiet place for a few moments if you feel an erection coming. This will avoid uncomfortable situations.

But rest assured, while an erection is possible, it is rare. It happens to me personally that simple nudity generates so much well-being that it causes an unwanted erection. I smile and let the excitement pass as I think about something else and go about my business. Nudity then takes a back seat if I may say so, it is forgotten and experienced without thinking about it.

The forgotten nudity

It is one of the beauties of naturism. We go from a state where we think everyone is going to look at us and we are going to watch everyone, to a state where nudity has become so natural that we don’t notice it anymore. It is right there in front of us, without it not being remarkable. What it should never have ceased to be.

So, yes, it feels great to be naked. Yes, we can appreciate the sight of naked bodies. Yes, we are going to find all these people beautiful, living their lives in their simplest attire. Quickly, we will no longer pay attention to it as we did during our first visits. It will no longer be the center of our concerns, we will forget it, integrate it into our being.

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When you walk down a street, you don’t pay attention to everyone that passes by. The same goes for a naturist resort, perhaps with the exception of the smile and greetings you exchange. But you won’t soon notice that you are both completely naked.

I know it might sound weird, if not impossible. You have to live it to realize it. Slowly, subtly, nudity will become a normal state as I wrote in a previous post. It then finds its place in your life, as it becomes once again what it should never have stopped to be: a normal, natural state of life. We then find comfort and lightness of life without comparison. How beautiful is nudity!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by lisa wagstaff, Womanizer WOW Tech, Edward Howell on Unsplash


  1. Thank you Mark for writing a wonderful and informative article. I will have to remember all your points If I ever get to enjoy a nudist resort.

  2. I plan to visit one July it will be my first time going to one but yet look forward to be able to spend 2 days naked with no worries

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