Naturist Thought #50 – Barbecue


If you never had a naked barbecue, you never had a barbecue. Naked barbecue is to barbecue what a naturist beach to a textile beach: funnier, more relaxed and incredibly tastier! Gather a bunch of friends, get them naked and have them gather around booze, meat and a fire, you will have the perfect recipe for a great afternoon of naked bonding.

There is something incredible about naked activities that transpire more intensely with a barbecue. Cooking meat over fire is a bonding experience for friends. Girls share a glass of wine and ask to barbecue some raw vegetables, while boys share a beer telling old stupid jokes. It may sound like a cliché, but this is sometimes how barbecue happens.

Get all those boys and girls naked and you add another level of levity and of sheer relaxation. Laughs get louder, bonding tighter and friendship stronger. There’s nothing like a naked barbecue. Next weekend, if the weather forecast allows it, invite your nudist friends and have a barbecue. Make sure, they all leave their clothes at the door and enjoy total nudity!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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