Naturist Thought #51 – Calm


Keeping quiet, enjoying the calm, feeling in peace. This is what happens when you get naked and enjoy a long moment of total nudity. With naturism come levity and calm. You peel stress one piece of clothing at a time. It can be felt like a strange feeling, as if this calm was filling you naturally.

It’s not that you cannot be stressed or angry while naked, but calm prevails and always win. Day after day, you learn to mix calm and nudity together. They become a single entity. Nudity drives calm which increases nudity awesomeness. Whenever, I feel stressed and want to center myself, I get naked and go for a walk or meditate, and calm comes back.

You may say the effect of walking or meditating brings calm, but nudity brings it faster and deeper. We need calm in this fast-paced life. We also need more nudity. Go and share naturism with your friends and bring calm in your life.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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