Nudist Idea #14: Ask for Permission to Get Naked While at Friends’


You are invited at a barbecue or pool party at one of your friend’s place. The weather is forecasted beautiful. What are you going to wear? If your friends are naturists and know you are one, your option to get naked is open. However, there may be non naturist people at the event, and even naturists may feel uncomfortable. We’ll look into this in a moment. Now, if your friends are not naturists, your option to go naked is low. But, it’s not zero, it’s actually never zero, until you ask.

Because this is ultimately what it is all about: asking for permission to get naked! This may sound strange or awkward at first, but it will become a second nature as soon as you realize it’s totally appropriate, natural and normal! One of the best ways I found was first of all not to take any swimsuit. If your friend has a pool, just ask if it’s ok if you go naked in the pool as you have not taken your swimsuit and you are comfortable being naked. In most of the cases, at the notable exception of the presence of kids that may be shocked, it works wonderfully and you can take a swim naked. From there on, when you get out of the swimming pool, stay naked and act casually. There’s little chance your friend will ask you to dress up. Some people may actually join you skinny dipping. This will be a great victory having more people join nudism.

In case of a barbecue party and there’s no swimming pool, wait a little while. After a couple of glasses of wine or beers, inhibitions are lowering and the temperature makes people more comfortable, start taking your shirt off and at one point, ask your host if they are comfortable by you getting naked, as you are a naturist and enjoy being naked. Tell them, there’s nothing sexual here, it’s just your lifestyle. In most cases, your host will be OK and you will be enjoying some nude time, while sharing your lifestyle with others.

The fact is a majority of people are ok with others’ nudity. You just need to ask. Once again, there’s nothing wrong with being socially naked. Nothing to be ashamed of. The worst that can happen is that you get a no to your question. But, even with a no, you will have an opening to start the naturism conversation and this is priceless to get more people to become naturists.

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Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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