Nudist Idea #15: Drive Naked


Driving is one of the many activities you can definitely do naked. You actually do not really need any clothing to drive. You just need to understand whether it’s legal or not in your country or state of residence, as the law may not be on your side.

Actually, even if your car is a private property, you can be seen by the public and it may therefore be illegal to drive naked. In all cases, you will use a towel to sit on and wrap around your waist in case you are stopped by a police officer.
Beyond the legal aspect, driving naked is like many other activities very enjoyable. No pants, no bra, no clothes that limit your skin breathing and your movement. You are just free as a bird, and as you can regulate the temperature in the car, it’s always very comfortable, temperature-wise.

For any naturist, driving is another activity that do not require clothing and can therefore be carried naked. The question of when getting naked and when getting dressed will pop up. If you start from home, you can probably get in your car already naked. If you start from another point where nudity is not allowed, then you will undress in your car. Depending on where you go, you may have to get dressed to get out or stay naked. Common sense will prevail.

One last point. Because you will be on public grounds while driving naked, this can be seen and interpreted as exhibitionism. But in the true naturist sense, it’s not about being seen, it’s about feeling great. And this is why the towel is a requirement. Have fun and stay safe, particularly when driving.

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Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash


  1. We came home from our nudist resort naked in the car once, just for the hell of it. It felt so daring! Even more fun is riding motorcycle around the resort grounds but have to wear shoes for certain.

  2. I’ve done this on a motorcycle. About 30 miles to my house with nothing but my boots on. My wife was topless. That’s the reason I was naked. I figured if she was going to be topless I could just go naked.

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