Nudist idea #16: Live entirely naked for 24 hours


A great way to appreciate nudist living is to commit to living as much as possible naked. One way to get more into it is to commit to spending a full day and a full night entirely naked.

Let’s say you wake up on a Saturday morning at 8 AM, commit to not wear any clothes until the next morning! If you commit to doing this at your local nudist club, it will be much easier that if you commit to doing this at home or in a public place. However, you can plan it ahead!

Plan to spend a full week-end at your local nudist club one summer. Arrive early on the Saturday or even on the Friday evening and leave all your clothes at home (if you can drive naked) or in your car, until the end of the week-end. Try to commit to this, even the evening is a little bit chilly. If it’s the case, plan to stay in your bungalow or tent until the temperature gets warmer.

If you decide to stay at home, stock enough food to avoid having to go shopping and plan some cool activities like reading, watching the series or the movies you wanted to watch, or catching up on DIY projects. Whatever you chose, stay naked until the next morning.

One thing you will notice over time will be you forget you are naked. Your nudity will become so normal, wearing any piece of clothing will feel strange on your skin. Nudity will become so comfortable you will want not only to spend 24 hours naked, but the whole week-end and probably more. This will be the sign that nudism has really sunken into your skin.

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Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


  1. A couple of years ago my husband and I managed to spend 10 days at home nude the whole time. It took some careful and thoughtful planning at times but we able to run a few errands by care nude, get our mail out and pick up our newspapers every morning. It was an amazing time.

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