Nudist Idea #13: Hang a Clothing-Optional sign


NoticeOne of the best ways to increase nude time and our nudist friends is of course to let acquaintances know that you are a naturist. For many reasons, it’s not always possible to shout out loud that we are naturist and we want to spend more time naked. We have seen in previous ideas how to leave traces of our nudism, like leaving our naturist publications openly on our coffee table.

Image result for clothing optional signAnother way is to hang a clothing optional sign next to your door, to your swimming pool if you have one or in your lounge. You will find those signs available on Internet. Just go to Amazon, look for “Clothing Optional Sign” and you have tons of options to chose from, including metal and wooden panels, some being really nice.
I particularly like the Notice sign (the one above), indicating that nudists may be see beyond this point. If you hang this one next to door bell, this is a clear sign that anybody pressing the bell may encounter nudist. This is a great way to open the door naked in any circumstances.

Image result for clothing optional signOf course, it will also allow your friends and family to ask questions if they do not know you are a naturist. And here comes a great way to break the ice, and let everybody knows that you have adopted the naturist lifestyle.

If are on DIY side, it’s always possible to make your own sign. For instance with driftwood or any recycled material, showing some ecological mindset. Ideas are limitless in this case.

Share if you have such signs at your place and where did you hang them. We appreciate your comments.

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  1. It’s interesting to do this and what people’s interpretation of it is. Most of our friends and family know that we are nude. We have sign noting that we are nudist and that those answering the door may be “nude”. When I as a woman answer the door it goes pretty smoothly. However when my husband answer the door, not so much. The shock & awe of the penis is just too much for some. I find it quite offensive and disgusting in this day and age that our bodies are viewed so differently. (Ms. K)

    • I agree with you on this. Society has come to finding naked women almost normal but naked men offensive. This needs to change but it will take time and efforts. Thx for your comment.

  2. The signs we have on the Haulover Beach shop ( have been a huge hit. I have one in my backyard, and several of my friends have them next to their pools ­čÖé

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