A naturist dream


After a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast and a welcoming shower, I was ready to commute to the office. I grabbed my laptop bag, kissed my wife, got my shoes on and headed for the bus station. The temperature was in the twenties and the sky lightly cloudy. While I was closing the front door, I waved at my neighbor who was opening the car door to his kids. She waved back. I started my five-minute walk to the bus station, letting my neighbor car pass by me. There were a couple of people walking down the street, heading to the nearest bus station, one was naked, like I was, the other was wearing beige trousers and a white t-shirt. Since government had passed the nakedness bill, nudity had become legal in public space and it was slowly gaining supporters.

At the bus station, I met my good friend Kelly, who was wearing nothing but a pair of flat shoes and a necklace. She greeted me, happy to ride with me to her office. Kelly had been a die-hard naturist, far before the nakedness bill and was relieved when it was voted, that finally she would not need to wear clothes to carry her daily activities. We chitchatted until the bus arrived. There were not too many people this morning, most of which were fully dressed. Beyond Kelly and I, there were two other naked men and one woman. One of the men had a backpack on, the other carried a laptop bag. The woman had nothing but a small bag over a shoulder, a pair of red mid-heeled shoes and a belly button piercing that I noticed when thee light reflected into the gold of it. The perfect naked business men and women.
As we approached the city center, traffic became denser and pavement more crowded. I noticed more and more people were naked. It seemed that with spring and the temperature getting hotter, people jumped into the naturist bandwagon, leaving their inhibitions and clothes at home. Even the so-called regulated profession, like our bus driver, could trade their daily uniform for nakedness, at the exception of shoes, cap and the traditional towel to sit on. It was the case of Rob, our dedicated driver on the 8 line, who decided to go naked the day the bill passed and his employer informed employees of the new policy.

It has actually been the case in all companies, public or private. At the exception of jobs that required protection, every employee had the choice of wearing clothes, prescribed uniform or go naked with limited clothing when necessary. This was for instance the case of police officers, who could keep their cap and belt with their badge. Government had recently released statistics that showed that 17% of the population has chosen nakedness over clothing over the last month, a 5-point increase since the beginning of spring. I would guess it would go over 20%, and even 30% when summer kicks in. It would probably take a year or two before over 50% of the population go naked on a daily basis. At the same time, rapes, sexual assaults and violent crimes went down.

I kissed Kelly goodbye as the bus stopped in front of her office. I had two other stops before I reached mine, a three-minute ride. As I was entering the building, I was greeted by Al, the guard on duty, with a full uniform. Al was in his fifties, with a light beer belly and told me he was not ready to show the world his naked anatomy. I told him that nobody would notice, as more and more people were naked, but he was still resisting. A position all nudists respected. This was the beauty of the nakedness bill: it gave choice, with respect. It’s true that the first days after the bill was passed, there had been some giggles, wide-opened eyes and people looking away. But slowly, the situation normalized and people stopped reacted at others naked or not. One of the many positive aspects of the bill was that people started to look at you in the eyes and stopped staring. Something nudists were doing for years was now a common practice.

As I was reaching my desk, my phone rang to remind me of my 8:30 meeting with Bob and Irene. There were two of my colleagues who embraced nudism shortly after the bill was passed. None were nudists before, but as they knew I was one and I came to the office naked on the first day, they decided to join the movement very quickly. I get to the meeting room after dropping my bag and grabbing my laptop. Both were already there, having a coffee and chatting. I shook Bob’s hand, gave two welcome kisses to Irene and grab a cup of coffee. The meeting could start. After fifteen minutes of so, Jo-Ann, our CEO, joined us. Not only she embraced nudity on the first day too, she encouraged employees to get naked, while respecting everybody’s choice. She felt, nudity was providing a more open, transparent and relaxed work environment, and I felt she was right. The employee satisfaction survey showed a sharp increase, while some very reluctant employees left the company, repelled by too much openness.

The whole day went like a charm with great productivity and wonderful interactions. It ended by a quick celebration for the signature of a new large customer that would keep my department on its toes for at least the next six months. A very good news indeed. After a couple of glasses of champagne, I left the building, a little bit dizzy and decided to walk a few blocks. During the course of the day, the cloud cover went away, leaving a wonderful blue sky over our heads and allowing temperature to go up. It was just a perfect end of day, one of those when you wonder why some people still cling to their clothes. Being naked was just making sense, from freedom to well-being. I then decided to walk all my way to home, it would add thirty minutes to my commute time, but the weather was just perfect, and I would go through the park, just enjoying the naked walk.

I reached home, just before seven PM. Kids were still playing outside and people enjoying the first spring temperature in their backyards. I reached home and kissed my wonderful wife in her gorgeous nudity. We spent a nice evening, having dinner, sipping a glass of Chardonnay (which was probably a little too much for me after the two glasses of Champagne I had at the office party), then reached our bedroom for more private activities. While I was falling asleep, I thought it had just been another wonderful day, naked, as would probably be the next ones, as the country was getting more naked.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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