Why getting naked in front of others?


Okay, tons have been written about naturism, why it’s so relaxing and its numerous and various benefits. However, as I was walking on one of the many tracks of the beautiful nature and naked retreat of SunEden, and I saw a naked couple walking towards me, an evidence stroke. Why was I naked in front of those people, and why those people – I did not know – were naked in front of me?

There’s only one reason: because they felt good! I feel good when I am naked and there’s no other reason why I am a naturist. To me and many naturists, nudity is natural, it’s comfortable and I just feel good naked!
Of course, this is not something that came overnight. Actually, yes, feeling good naked came overnight but realizing this was a complete natural feeling shared by millions of people worldwide took time. But there’s no other explanation to being a naturist. Naturists know there’s nothing sexual in being a naturist. Naturists know there’s a big, big difference between being a naturist and being an exhibitionist, which is linked to sex and arousal. I’m not aroused because I’m naked and nakedness does drive arousal in a naturist environment.

But yes, this was it, this is the answer to give to non-naturists when they ask you why you are a naturist. Just because I feel good. Of course, this can drive the discussion to body shame, body acceptance, accepting our own flaws, looking at people in the eye, the benefits of naturism, and becoming who you really are. And the advice you should give non-naturists is to just try. Of course some people will be totally against trying. But at least, they should accept that naturists are just normal people who just do not see a naked body as something inherently wrong or to be hidden.

So next time you meet a naturist, get naked, and next time you meet a non-naturist, explain why he/she should get naked. Because in the end, there’s no better lifestyle on this planet and no other way to feel really, really good in our own skin!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Nicolas Postiglioni from Pexels


  1. Looks like I’m a little late to the party here since it was written a few years ago, but nonetheless it’s still relevant. In a naturist environment I could really care less who sees me, or what the other person looks like. I don’t practice my naturism for them or their satisfaction,and solely focus on what it does for me. To me, everyone is valued regardless. I can say that over the past year I have become a bit more open about being naked while home. I have found some friends in non-nudist venues, and I have expressed my love and desire to be naked just because I feel better. For the most part it has been looked at with interest, except for my one friend who thought it was a “kink”. More on that at my blog. The way i see it is I don’t get naked in front of others, I get naked for me and if someone else is there all the better. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you Alexis for your comment and great job on your blog. I totally agree with you. You do not get naked for others but for you. This is the reason why I keep saying you cannot explain nudism, you have to live it.

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