Why Nude Bathing Is Better Than Bathing Suits, by Felicity


Swimming naked is just so natural that I still cannot understand why people have created swimsuits. Although I’m pushing the limits here, of course swimsuits go with the silly reasons why you should not be naked in public. Now, with all honesty, if you ever tried skinny dipping, you should ask yourself why you are still wearing a swimsuit at the beach. In the below post, Young Naturists America blogger Felicity Jones explains, in detail, why swimsuits are pointless and, above all, unhealthy.

Why Nude Bathing Is Better Than Bathing Suits

Not only, I second all the explanation in this post, I add that once you try nudism, you never, ever want to come back to wearing anything but your birthday suit at the beach. Up to a point, that I believe that all beaches should be clothing optional! Enjoy this post.

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Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash


  1. A reblogué ceci sur Naturist Fabet a ajouté:
    So true! All of us were talking about that with our indoor nudist swim last month. Bathing suits are cumbersome and add to the fact that most now are bermuda style shorts that go down to your knees! It just sticks on you and not very comfortable in the least.

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