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In a few weeks, Christmas will be here again and with Christmas comes the presents. Knowing what to offer to your loved ones can sometimes be a headache. When my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I scratched my head and said I will need to revert back at a later date. However, it was clear, although I did not have ideas when she asked that the idea would have to be related to baking, hiking or nudism.

I then went onto the Internet to search for potential gifts for myself and family members. As I spent quite some time to find perfect nudist gifts, I decided to share the list with you, so it may give you ideas for your friends and family, shall they be nudists. or not. So here comes my 2022 Christmas Nudist Presents selection!

Towels & Sarongs

Let’s start with the number one accessory for every nudist and naturist: the towel. It’s indispensable for hygiene purpose, to sit on private or public seating areas. Although a towel is pretty common, I prefer sarongs as they are generally lighter, fit in a backpack more easily and comes with a lot of different variations. Here’s a selection of sarongs for women and men

Women’s sarongs

Men’s sarong


Towels are much needed when going to the beach. here’s a short selection of towels I found nice on Amazon.

Family towel to sit or lie with your beloved ones.

Books & Magazines

I love books and magazines, and even more nudist books and magazines. They make perfect and simple gifts, and allow to introduce nudism and naturism to textiles, while allowing nudists to learn more about the lifestyle. I start this selection with my own books, inspired by my experience and years of writing for this blog.

We cannot talk about nudist books without mentioning the guides that have been written by Lins and Nick from Naked Wanderings. They are wonderful to discover new places open for nudists and naturists.

If you’re into naturist fiction, Paul and Ted library is pretty impressive and will satisfy all types of fiction lovers, with a naturist twist of course.

Collective naturist work has found its goal with the “in the nudist colony”. All proceedings are going to doctors without borders, so not only you’ll spread the naturist message, you’ll also do a good action by helping people in countries where the medical infrastructure is poor.

I cannot end this selection without mentionning the beautiful books from Jean-Paul Bourdier. They make a wonderful gift for art lovers.

Naturist Magazine subscription

I love offering long lasting gifts and naturist magazine subscriptions are wonderful to make people think about nudism and naturism on a regular basis. There’s a lot of nudist magazines that exist in digital and paper format. My post Naturist Lock Down Idea #2 – Read and Share Naturist Magazines provides a set of pointers to purchase subscriptions. A small trick: purchase the latest paper issue and add a personal note to let the person know that she/he’s a happy subscriber for a full year!

Nudist Federations and Organisations Subscriptions

Like naturist magazine, I love to subscribe friends and family to nudist organisations. You can find such groups and organisations in my post Finding the Courage to Embrace Nudism in 4 Hacks or through the International Naturist Federation site. Subscription is easy, fairly cheap. It generally comes with a variety of benefits and sometimes a magazine. It’s a fun way to embark friends and family in your nudist journey!


It’s not because nudists are naked that they don’t require some form or clothing. The two that comes to mind easily are shoes and hats. Here’s a selection of sandals and nudist caps.

Flip-flops for women
Wedge sandals
Flip-flops with bottle opener
Naturist Symbol Cap
Get Naked Cap
For those moments when you cannot be naked

When I can’t be naked, I love to wear clothes that remind me of naturism and provide an opportunity to show people I’m a nudist. The t-shirt above is a great example of such a piece of clothing. Finally, you can display your pride to be nudist through various accessories, as in the following section.

Nudist Accessories

Naturist Symbol Sticker
Naturist Symbol Drawstring Bag
Naturist Social Club Tiki Vintage Retro Embroidered Apron
Naturist Symbol Coffee Mug

Nudist and naturist federations sell a lot of gears and they provide a great source of gifts. For instance, the below cooler bag can be found on the Naturist Society website.

The Naturist Society Cooler Bag

You’ll probably find tons of other ideas. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas in the comment section below, particularly if you’ve found specialty shops and rare gears. I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

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  1. A wonderful article which gives us various options for Christmas gifts, especially from nudists to nudists or textile ones. I liked very much the option of subscribing the e-magazines dedicated for Naturism..

  2. I would like to read and give away nudist books, I have converted two people to nudism and I would like to convert others or at least lead them into “temptation”. How many languages ​​are the books translated into? is it possible to find it in Italian?. I can’t give away books in English or in other languages, nobody would read them.

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