Your Body Is Not a Crime


Nudists love to be naked and don’t consider nudity as shameful or a human state that should be hidden in all circumstances. Nudists don’t see naked bodies as sexual objects. Model Society Magazine, a digital and print magazine of “the best nude and figurative fine art in the world” has released a video with a strong message.

The human body is not a crime. How can a naked body can be considered a crime? We’ve seen how Facebook and many social media are depriving us of our humanity by banning nudity. No, a naked body is not carrying a sexual message. No, being naked is not an call to have sex. No, being naked is not unnatural. As the article says: “The only thing that is obscene in the contemplation of your naked humanity is the idea that you’re somehow obscene.”

Being naked is not being obscene. Behaviors are obscene, not natural and peaceful states of being. Share the video, let it spark discussions about nudity, nudism and the incredible beauty of the human body!

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!


  1. But did you notice that the only full frontals were female? I guess the penis is too powerfully provocative. It may be a distraction, but it detracts from the video’s point.

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