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Hello everyone. Whether or not you are a loyal reader of this blog, thank you for devoting a few precious minutes of your time to it. Over the years of writing and practicing naturism, many readers, friends, friends, curious, naturists or not, continue to ask me questions about naturism and simple social nudity. If I take great pleasure in answering them and directing them to the posts, magazines or books that exist on naturism, I realized that there are no simple and direct answers to many of them. Hence the idea of ​​devoting a specific space to them on this blog.

So, in the coming weeks, I will be exploring the questions that naturists and non-naturists ask about naturism and the love they share of living naked. And God knows there are many such questions. They reflect our doubts, our questions and, more simply, our desire to do well. I always tend to say that there are no silly questions, only silly answers. Nor are they simplistic questions. Seasoned naturists may find the answers to some questions obvious. That doesn’t mean they should be dismissed out of the back of your hand.

Any question is good to ask

From the beginner who has never been in a naturist place to the experienced naturist who wonders with whom to practice nude hiking for instance, all questions are good to ask and especially to provide simple, concrete and practical answers. Naturism interrogates, and sometimes disturbs. What is the point of being “naked” among other people who are also “naked”? Naturism is an obvious lack of good manners. Human beings are not made to live naked in society. Decency is to cover up.

If these statements and questions come from the education, culture or religion of those who pronounce them, there are many of these people who have no answers to the other questions they may ask themselves. We must recognize that naturism does exist. It is practiced by millions of people every year. All these naturists have asked and are still asking questions about their practice. All non-naturists also have questions, often different questions, but not always.

Attract more naturists

My goal is to reassure all those who ask, to demystify naturist practice, to provide simple, real and practical answers. We live in an age when the media glorify the perfect body and inundate us with the disasters of body shaming. Yet it is humanity that is beautiful. A vast majority of people only aspire to harmony with respect for themselves, others and the environment. Naturism, for me, responds to this aspiration for a simple, harmonious and respectful life.

I appeal to you reader. Naturist or interested in naturism, we have one thing in common and can become friends. So, if you are wondering about naturism, nudism, nudity at home, in your garden, at the beach, in nature, with your children, with your partner, about the sensations you feel when you are naked (e), on naturism on holiday, on the difference between Le Cap d’Agde and other naturist villages and areas, on where to be naked or not, etc. Please feel free to send them to me by completing the questionnaire below. I will add them to the list of questions I have compiled and will address them in a post that I will try to be as complete and practical as possible.

If, after a few weeks or months, we have enough questions and answers, I do not exclude the possibility of compiling them in the form of a book that I would publish and put in our naturist library. I hope to receive many questions from you and to count you as a reader of the blog. Please feel free to share this post with your friends.

Your questions

I look forward to your questions about naturism!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. Watching naturist videos from abroad it seems we are a lot more strict about being naked on beaches in the uk. I have been a naturist for many years mainly using the naturist beach at Holkham in Norfolk, but since 2013 you are not allowed in the dunes. I love being naked on the beach, and I am always naked at home.

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