Interview of Julie and Scott, from the USA


Let’s fly back to America to meet Scott and Julie, our next naturist couple.

Julie, Scott, thank you very much for having accepted to be featured on this series of naturist couple’s interviews. Let’s go right to naturism, was there a first naturist who introduced the other to naturism?

No, we were not naturist before we met, but decided to explore it as a couple.

How did this discovery happen?

We had both enjoyed skinny-dipping before we met each other and after we met. We didn’t consider ourselves naturists though until we started hanging out with some nudists in Tucson, Arizona at Tanque Verde Canyon. We had been hiking up there to sunbathe on weekends and ended up chatting with the naturists who were really friendly. Scott was the first to get naked. It took a little longer for Julie to feel comfortable enough to remove her bikini. Going up there became one of our favorite things to do. We then realized that we enjoyed getting naked and didn’t know that there was such a big social scene with naturism.

Do any of you happen to practice naturism without your significant other?

Scott often hikes alone and will sometimes get naked if he finds a remote place. Also, when we’re at resorts Julie often likes to wear a sarong or light dress rather than get completely nude. She just does whatever makes her feel comfortable. Scott, on the other hand, goes naked as long as possible.

When you’re together, where do you practice naturism?

At home, in naturist centers, at friends, in nature, and on naturist beaches.

What effect(s) has naturism on your relationship?

We are travellers first, and love exploring new places and meeting new people around the world. Adding naturism to our travels has added a new dimension to experiencing a location together. It’s just one of the many things we love doing that keeps our relationship strong. Out of those trips came the Nomadic Nudists column and blog which Scott writes and Julie takes many of the photos, so it’s also created a team project for us.

Has the lock down had any effect of your naturism practice?

Well, yes and no. During the lock down, we were fortunate to be staying at Shangri-La Ranch, an Arizona nudist resort. So we could be nude at any time (and believe me, we were!) But we are travellers, and we couldn’t travel to other places like beaches or resorts, so I guess it impacted that part of our nomadic nudist lifestyle. But since we’ve been living and working out of a motorhome for several years, it was easy to adjust to the lock down.

Are you sharing that you are naturists with your friends and families, and what is their reaction?

Yes. At first a few wondered if we were swingers (we are not). But for the most part, everyone has accepted it. Some have even tried it out themselves by meeting us at resorts. Some, though, have said they could never be naked in front of others. Which is fine. It’s an individual lifestyle choice. Our friends and family accept us for who we are, which is how it should be. It’s just not a big deal to them. We don’t tell everyone, though, because there are still people such as employers or clients, who could judge us in a way that impacts us negatively.

Would you advise naturists to be open with their naturism to others?

Maybe. People could still have a lot to lose because, especially in the United States, naturism is considered weird by a lot of people, and even perverted. So we think each person has to come out the way that they think is best.

What benefits do you see and experience in naturism as a couple?

For us, it’s just another experience we enjoy together, and when you have those shared experiences it makes your relationship stronger. We’ve been together 35 years and going strong.

What advice would you give to other couples whose only one member, or none, is a naturist? 

For the person who’s a naturist in the couple, don’t force the issue on the non-naturist and definitely don’t hide it from them. That just leads to mistrust. For the non-naturist, considering joining them on an outing to see what it’s like, where you don’t have to get undressed. We have seen many couples where one is a naturist and the other isn’t and they get along fine. If neither of you are naturists, but are curious, just go do it. Life is short. Go to a beach, go skinny-dipping, go to a resort. You’ll be welcomed by other naturists and in no time you’ll have forgotten what you were afraid of.

Do you have any final comments to add about living naturism as a couple?

We have lived an adventurous life together as a couple and naturism is just one aspect of it. We don’t take it too seriously and make sure we focus on what’s really important, which is respecting each other and listening to each other and enjoying just being together, no matter where we are.

Thank you very much Julie and Scott to have shared your naturist life and thoughts, and agreed to be featured on Nude and Happy. I wish you a wonderful naturist future and I hope this has helped readers to better understand how naturism can be beneficial to couples. Readers can find you online on your web site, The Nomadic Nudists, as well as follow you on twitter, @NomadicNudists.

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