Naturism explained by naturist couples


One aspect of naturism we hear day in, day out, is the gender unbalance. Particularly online where we are seeing more men than women who seem interested by naturism. On the other hand, we hear a lot about couples in which one member is naturist but not the other, for various reasons. However, all naturists agree that we need more gender balance and, therefore, we need more couples. So the idea germinated that we should listen more to naturist couples. How did they come to naturism? Did they have to overcome obstacles? Are they both seeing naturism the same way? What do they have to teach other couples about naturism?

Leading by example is one of the best ways to show the path. So we came to believe that by listening to naturism couples, others could ponder and share their experiences, and may be it will help the reluctant member to join naturist activities, or it may help reluctant couples to jump on the naturism bandwagon. We reached our to naturist couples to share their experiences and they responded with enthusiam. Through their interview, you discover couples from all over the world, with various experience and background, each having accepted to share their stories with you.

We hope you find those stories enjoyable and that they will help you disseminate the wonderful message, values, and benefits of naturism.

If you read this post, are a naturist couple, and would be willing to share your experience, please fill up your name and email below, and press the big blue button! I will contact you, carry the interview, edit and publish your story.

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Photo by Abhishek Yadav on Unsplash


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