By Christopher Jeremiah

We are all in a new decade, not just a new year. So I would like to wish you all a Happy Newd Decade! We are in the roaring 20’s!! Can you believe it? And Oh, yes I did spell it correctly, new + nude = newd

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Marc, very sincerely for allowing me to post on his website and to enrich our nude experience to bring tasteful nudity to the world. I will continue to bring you the articles that I feel passionate about and proving once and for all, that there can be tasteful nudity without sex or porn.

I am about done with my next installment telling you about my first nude beach experience last, err, I mean now 2 years ago, 2018. Look for it soon, I will try to post on about the 10th and 19th of each month, if at all possible.

As long as I am here, I will wish you a happy new year too but mainly look forward to a brand spanking new decade.

Also, I always look forward to getting comments from you about my published blogs, it lets me know all you nifty nudists are reading my work. Thanks again, everyone.

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Christopher Jeremiah
True "Buff-man" living on the west coast transplanted from the east coast in New York. Was reborn nude on July 8th, 2018, and composing persuasive essays ever since. I am passionate about exposing the world to the numerous benefits of nudism and convincing everyone to at least try it once. Their lives could change for the better as mine did on the date of my transformation. I still have a very long arduous journey ahead of me, every step I take. I have experienced only 1 nude beach so far, and I plan to sail the seas on an all-nude cruise as soon as possible. I have been writing for your enjoyment as well as therapy for me. I am trying to share the love of the lifestyle. I love getting comments on my writing so that I know you are reading my work and can improve my writing so that more of you will want to partake what I compose. I totally enjoy the freedom and openness of being nude, or as I say, "open and free" See more of my material on my site Christopher no space Love ? Christopher CJ Jeremiah


  1. Thank you Christopher for being such an active and proponent member of the nudist community. I wish you a wonderful newd decade with ton of nude fun and fantastic health!

    • You are quite welcome Marc and I will definitely do my best to make it work for us all together. Working together we can make your site a better experience for us all & let your website soar to levels you never thought possible.
      Happy newd year and happy newd decade to you and your friends and family.

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