7 Signs You’re Ready to Visit a Nudist Resort


Oyster.com is a web site dedicated to tourism and hotel reviews. Generally, nudism is a little bit frowned upon by many tourist sites. Yes, they cannot ignore the rise of naturism all around the world, generating billions of dollars to the tourism industry, but they often shy away. The Oyster has understood that they need to care about naturists and nudists, and have a couple of blog posts focusing on naturist resorts. Their latest post is titled, First Time Nudist? Here are 7 signs you’re ready to visit a nude resort.

It lists 7 signs, feelings or behaviors, that seem good predictors for choosing a clothing-optional hotel or resort for your next holiday. Many nudists, including me, think it’s best to start nudism is a comfortable place where you can make yourself at ease gradually, meet other nudists and discover this unique and awesome lifestyle. Here are the 7 signs the author points out:

  • You’re more excited than nervous. You know that feeling of excitement when going to the nudist resort, up that you undress in the car before reaching your final destination.
  • You feel fairly comfortable in your own skin (or want to be). A nudist resort is the best way to get really, really comfortable on your own birthday suit.
  • The idea of baring it all sounds freeing. It’s such an incredible sense of freedom that it’s very difficult to wear clothes after.
  • Other naked bodies don’t bother you. You are not there for others nudity, you are here to feel great!
  • You know the difference between admiring and ogling. Don’t stare! Nudists look at each others in the eyes! You may have heard this already. After a couple of hours at nudist resort, you will not see naked people, just people.
  • You can respect and adhere to boundaries. Like all other places, nudist resorts have rules. Know and respect them.
  • You understand that nude resort doesn’t equal sex resort. Social nudity and naturism is not about having sex in front of others or joining an orgy. This may happen but behind closed doors. Naturism is about going with your normal life, juste naked.

I do not know if the author or the post, Katherine Alex Beaven, is a naturist, but she captures the right feelings and behavior to have a wonderful time naked. Are you ready?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Holger Uwe Schmitt – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0


  1. Another sign you’re ready to visit a nudist resort is to not read articles like the one you referenced. Articles that include pics of places with names like Desire, and Temptation. Articles that include pics of sex pools. Articles that equate nudism with sex. Read informed articles, not thinly disguised come-ons for sex resorts. If people want to visit sex resorts, good for them. There are plenty. We don’t need to confuse people who want a real nudist vacation. We need to be more selective about the articles we promote in our community.

    • I hear you Mark. I agree we should not confuse people, and I think the seventh point makes the difference. We need to emphasize that nudism is not about showing but being, and add our voice so that it does not disappear under the one of the more lifestyle oriented resorts.

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