Naturist Thought #56 – Storm


Lightnings are striking, thunder bolts are cracking, I am watching the show as it unfolds outside. Comfortably sitting in the safety of my home, I can enjoy the moment. Nature reminds us that it’s stronger than us and that the planet will adapt to anything, we might not.

A storm is nothing else than a way for nature to rebalance itself, in a very radical way. It is said that Aristotle came with the observation that nature abhors a vacuum; therefore nature always seeks balance. The ultimate forces of nature are beyond our power. For centuries, we are curbing nature to our will, but it reminds us that it will always win in the end.

Climatologists tell us storms will become more powerful and more frequent. We are already observing those phenomena, let’s stay humble and respect nature and each other. Naturism is a way to show respect and a lifestyle that forces us to think differently about mankind and nature. I just love watching a thunderstorm, sipping a glass of wine, lounging naked in the safety of my home.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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