Naturist Thought #55 – Math


How on earth are math and naturism related? On the first thought, they are not. But, let’s take one step back. Naturism is about getting naked. While you are naked, you wear less clothes. If you embrace naturism as a lifestyle, you may buy less clothes. By wearing less clothes, you wash them less often. By washing your clothes less often, you buy less detergent and consume less energy for your washing machine.

Let’s continue. If you happen to fly to your destination for your naturist holidays, since you wear less, you need to pack and carry less. If you fly low cost, you won’t need extra luggage to check-in. Finally, naturism is also about getting closer to nature and enjoying natural, mostly free, activities.

Let’s now do the math. Naturism is less clothes, cheaper flight tickets, more free-of-charge activities, less energy consumption and less detergent. All in all, mathematically, naturism costs less than textile activities, and icing on the cake: it’s good for the planet! Math and naturism are good friends!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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