Naturist Thought #47 – Freedom


Is being naked being free? In some sense it is. Free of social conventions, free of clothes, free of body-shaming, free of the tyranny of the look, free of movements. Being naked is being free. It’s a way to free ourselves from the day-to-day modern routine.

Every seasoned naturist will talk about this freedom he/she feels the moment he/she undresses. There’s something liberating about leaving clothes and strolling naked around the house, the garden or nature. This unique sensation of freedom does not have any equivalent. This is why naturism is so awesome and needs to be shared with others.

It’s the cheapest lifestyle since it requires nothing but our own naked body. Undress, spend the day naked and voilà, you are free as a bird! One’s may argue that we are not free to roam around naked, as society and others see nudity as wrong in public places. Freedom has limits. My freedom ends where others’ freedom starts. By getting naked at home, by choosing nudist beaches and resorts, by sharing our nudism, we contribute to expanding our lifestyle and freedom!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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