Naturist Thought #46 – More


This morning, during a long meditation, the word more came into my mind. My mind and body wanted more of this long meditation, lying naked on the floor. Almost immediately, as I brought my attention back on my breathing, the simple idea of more nude time replaced the one of more meditation.

I smiled and reached a deeper level of relaxation almost immediately. Of course, the link became obvious, I wanted more nude time. Images started to pop into my mind, as I was focusing back on my body sensations and let the images come and go. A naked walk on a beach, a naked lunch with friends, a session of naked gymnastics, a naked hike in the forest, working naked at my desk, cooking naked, more and more images were coming.

My body was feeling the excitement my mind was creating, and I had to bring my attention back to my breathing multiple times. But this was really it. Even though I am already spending a lot of time naked, my mind and my body want more. What a great feeling in the morning to have your body, your mind and your mindfulness practice all in sync at the same time to bring clarity in your life. What a blast!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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