Naturist Thought #29 – Home


Home is where nudity is totally safe and, almost, mandatory. The moment you step in and you let your clothes down is the moment you welcome the freedom of your naked body. When you embrace the naturist lifestyle, your home should be your cocoon. A safe place to enjoy total nudity for you and others.

A nudist home is a welcoming home for textiles and nudist alike. Let people know your home is a nudist haven. You will be naked, and everyone should feel safe to undress when visiting. Respect goes both ways though and if visitors want to stay clothed, so be it! What if your visitors are not comfortable with you being naked? Your home, your rules. It’s up to your decision and sometimes light clothing can make visitors more comfortable.

What if inside your home can be seen from outside? Apply judgement as laws vary from country to country. Simple curtains can obfuscate view from outside. To any challenge there’s a solution, and when it comes to living naked in the comfort of your home, you will find a way. If you have neighbors, let them know you will be naked at home and let them tell you they are fine with it. Make you home the nudist haven you deserve!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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