Why nude is the answer to a better world


As I was running this morning, I had this idea sprouting in my mind that indeed nudism and social nudity are the answers to a better world. When I came back home and went into my daily meditation, three key reasons to this idea came to me:

  1. No shame and more respect. There is much less body shame, if any at all, among nudists. We are all the same, however different. It’s always really refreshing to be among nudists because you know from the get go they will not judge you if you are too thin, too fat, have scars, have a beer belly or six packs. There’s more respect among nudists for diversity and inclusion.
  2. Less laundry means less detergent and water usage. When you spend days naked, you do not need to wash clothes often. Therefore, you use less water and less detergent. Not a real bad idea for nature and mother earth.
  3. More nature conscious. Naked, you realize how fragile the human being, nature and earth are. Without any clothes you feel the sun, the wind and the air surrounding you in a total different way. You may actually feel unprotected, therefore more cautious. A great way to become more aware of our place in the world.

There are many other benefits to nudism, many having been described in numerous articles including You Should Get Naked More Often. It’s Good For You or Want Better Self-Confidence? Get Naked!. However, I like the ones above as good starting points for discussing with non naturists as well, as we want to expand our nudist and naturist friends circle. The more nudists, the better the world will be, IMHO!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


  1. I was thinking similar thoughts this week. Especially regarding being more in touch with wilderness. Clothes are in a way an extension of our thermally regulated homes. Here in Canada, without a home capable of being thermally regulated we would die. When it hits -60 Celsius, you have to have a home that can hold heat and a mechanism to create it or you will not be able to maintain a survivable temperature inside. But once you have such a home, there is a tendency to regulate the temperature to the same room temperature year round with air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. By regulating the temperature so thoroughly people get used to room temperature. They complain when it is a few degrees colder or hotter than room temperature. They put on jackets the moment the temperature drops below 18 C and try to avoid going outside of air conditioning the moment the temperature climbs above 22 C. I avoid that kind of sameness. My home is rarely air conditioned and the heat is only put on when the temperature threatens to freeze pipes. I make it my practice to walk to the coffee shop with just my indoor work clothes all year long. In the summer, I go even if the temperature hits 40 C and, in the winter, I go even if the temperature hits -30 C. In the morning, when I have to take my coffee grinds to the composter in the backyard, I will go almost naked even in the -30 C weather (The neighbours can see into our backyard so outdoor nudism is not an option. Feeling that untamed air on my skin and through the thin clothes that I am required to wear as a minimum in downtown Ottawa, keeps me in touch with the untamed world. I think it is something that most of the people around me are missing.

    • 100% with you Eric on your comment and experiences. Our skin can regulate much better our temperature than any other garments (up to a certain point of course). And once you “re-teach” your body to do this, you will feel less cold and warm while naked than anybody else. I happen to go for a walk in my garden when temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius without really feeling the cold, while my wife wears a pull-over and a jacket.

    • Why do you have to worry about going out naked in the backyard because the neighbours might see you? They don’t have to look. And if you already think they might object, you could just tell them that is what you plan to do and ask if or why they object. Why do we have to be so cautious about being naked (if it’s warm enough)? My neighbours (in rural England) don’t mind me being naked.

      • I also meant to say: when I lived in London, in a terrace house off Lavender Hill, Battersea, I had a small garden, 10 feet square, overlooked by many neighbours. No-one ever complained when I sat naked at weekends to get an all-over suntan. One summer, visiting my father in Herefordshire, he asked if I had already been on holiday in Spain lol.

  2. Too bad this website doesn’t convey a sense of acceptance as I don’t see any non models in the advertising of it. Do better and put regular everyday people on here.

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