After all, why #nudism?


The question is legitimate. Why getting naked in front of others? Why doing activities entirely naked, like swimming, hiking or cooking? Many blogs, articles, and books provided answers, including mine with articles like 4 good reasons to be nude or 7 reasons why nude is better for social activities with friends.

However, as I was preparing my lunch, naked as most of the time, the question why nudism? popped up in my mind. So I decided to look at it with a twist. So whether you are a nudist, an aspiring one or a pure textilist, here’s a way to look at the answer to this question.

Let’s start with the premises that nudity is totally normal. I know, for most people it’s not. Nudity and modesty are tied together, and nudity belong to private closed rooms. However, this is the twist. Let’s say that nudity is normal. Imagine it (it’s much easier if you are a confirmed nudist)!

Nudism is normal

With this in mind, you wake up in the morning and your first action is to prepare the breakfast, for you, your spouse and your kids if you have one or many. Since nudity is normal, you have slept naked and you go to the kitchen in the same absence of clothes. As you are preparing breakfast, your spouse joins you in the kitchen, as naked as you are, You greet her/him by hugging and you continue your preparation.

Your family is having breakfast, and so far, nobody is wearing anything but a bright smile for a great start of the day. Then, as this is a summer week-end, you decide to go for a walk in the forest with the whole family. You call a couple of friends to check whether they would like to join. Then two hours later, you meet them at the parking, for what should be a four to five-hour walk in the near-by forest and hills.

Hiking the natural way

There are three families, with a total of six adults and seven kids. Two of the other adults are nudists like you and get out of their car naked, like their two kids. The other family is clothed in hiking gear, however, their little 8-year old girl prefer to hike naked with your daughter. After hugs and kisses, the kids starts running ahead, shouting and singing, while the parents share the loads of water and sandwiches in various rucksacks.

During the walk, your little group meet many other hikers, all clothed. However, every body greets each other, without making any comment on your nudity. After a couple of hours, You decide to stop for lunch nearby a little stream of water. The clothed couple undresses swiftly and join the little nudist community. At the exception of a two early teens, every body is naked, enjoying the warm shade providing by the forest and the freshness of the water.

On the way back

The lunch being over, our clothed hikers dress again and the group continues its journey. By mid-afternoon, you are back at the parking, now full with many other cars. After some farewell, you drive back home. On your way back, you stop at the gas station to fill up your tank and buy some biscuits. Though you rarely stay naked to do those errands, you forget you are naked and step out of the car to go to the shop, while your spouse fill up the tank.

The gas station personnel stares at you, though not really surprised to see you and your wife wearing nothing but a pair of flip-flops. It’s not that non sexual nudity is forbidden, it’s just naked people are seldom seen outside of natural surroundings. However, past the surprise, they just continue doing their jobs, while some other patrons do not seem to even notice your nudity.

Spending the week-end stark naked

Back home, you enjoy the rest of the day, playing with the kids, preparing the dinner and enjoying some family time. The next day, the week-end continues with the same joy. However, because the weather is not as nice as the day before, you decide to take care of the house. It’s a great way to gather the whole family around a project. Minutes before lunch, the door bell rings. You open the door to your neighbor who is bringing you some veggies of her garden she just picked in excess.

Like you, she’s naked, as like you, she’s a nudist and spend most of her time stark naked. You greet her and invite her to share your lunch. She accepts with pleasure and tells you she’ll need to finish a couple of chores at her place, she’ll be back in thirty minutes.

After a pleasant lunch, you go to the lounge to have some coffee. You chitchat for a moment, then goes back to your home enhancement work, while your neighbor goes back to her home. The Sunday finished around a nice family movie. You, your spouse and your kids have not dressed for the whole week-end and nothing was more relaxing

What if all this was clothed?

Now, of course, you may say this is a very unlikely situation, and that you felt not entirely at ease the whole time with this nudity story. However, I told you to accept the fact that nudity was normal. Even if it’s not in your world. Therefore with nudity being normal, there was nothing shocking or disturbing about this situation. It was the story of a family spending a summer week-end, hiking with friends, doing errands, having dinner and lunch, and taking care or their houses.

Of course, you can read the story again, and imagine all those people are clothed. They wear their pajamas while having breakfast, their hiking gears while hiking or filling the gas tank, their lounge wear on the next day to take care of their home or having lunch with their neighbor. However, what are the real differences between both situations? There is just one: nakedness does not feel normal for most of the people. The first ideas that come to mind are: you cannot be naked in front of your kids, you cannot hike naked with other people, it’s impossible to go to the gas station naked, you would never open the door to your naked neighbor, those are all impossible situation.

Nudity is normal

However, coming back to the original hypothesis: if nudity is normal, all those situations are completely normal. And this is exactly what came to my mind as this question popped in my brain. Why nudism? Because nudity is normal. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being nude. We, human beings, created modesty, because we associated nudity to sex, and shame with sex, therefore shame with nudity.

Go to any nudist resort. You will find no shame. You will realize all bodies are different. You will realize that nudity can feel normal, can be seen as normal, and can actually be normal. Because this is what it is: normal!
Why nudism? Because nudity is normal!

Still not convinced? Pay a visit to your nearest nudist resort/club/camping and experience the “normal”!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by THE 5TH on Unsplash


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