Happiness is Health and Naked Freedom


I spent a week holiday at home taking care of the house and garden. Although the weather has been somehow OK, with some nice sunshine, it has been fairly cold, in the 12 degrees Celsius (54 Fahrenheit) in the morning, going up to 19 (66 Fahrenheit) during the day, with a cold northerly wind. Although I stayed as naked as possible, temperature did not always allow it, and I used to wear my polar fleece jacket more that I would have wanted, particularly in the morning and the evening.

However, beyond some shopping that required clothing, most of my week was spent naked, including some hikes. And this made me realize once again that nakedness is freedom. I heard that happiness is health and freedom. I add that freedom for me is nakedness. I really feel better when I’m not wearing anything. Even when it was a little bit cold, I stayed naked if I was comfortable. The interesting factor is you get used to cold and pretty soon you can be comfortable naked in 15 degrees (59 Fahrenheit) while others are wearing pullovers, particularly when you are active.

Actually, when you are naked and it’s chilly, you tend to be more active, so that your body temperature adapts itself to get to that level of comfort where you feel good. Of course, moving from sun to shade sometimes makes you uncomfortable for a moment, but it’s incredible how you adapt quickly and after a moment, you do not really realize the change in temperature, since you feel so good. And this is the whole point I wanted to share. When you embrace naturism, you understand in your flesh that your body is a wonderful creation that does not require clothing.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels

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