The rules of going naked in public


This is the interview of Emma James, one prominent figure of British naturism and creator of the naturist blog, in The rules of going naked in public.

Nothing has to be added. But here some extracts I particularly like:

“We consider swimwear unhygienic, quite apart from the fact it feels so unnatural and if you’re in a naturist environment and someone stoically keeps their clothes on they’re regarded with suspicion”

“Relax, take your clothes off and enjoy the wilderness or the company of fellow naturists. Don’t overthink it.”

“I love the fact that the [naturist] community is so friendly and largely non judgmental, welcoming and accepting.”

“Naturism is a much more natural lifestyle once you become immersed in it and one which tends to involve a whole plethora of sports.”

“Experiencing nature clothes-free is so much more profound than having your senses dulled with a barrier of clothing.”

All is said!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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