Top reasons you should vacation at a nudist resort—at least once


Another mainstream media article that promoted naturism (unfortunately now 404): Top reasons you should vacation at a nudist resort—at least once. Although naturists may not agree with all reasons, there are some good ones to consider. Here they are with my comments (feel free to comment as well):

  1. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone. Definitely a wonderful way to grow personally.
  2. You can spice things up with your partner. Well, tying naturism and spicy life is generally what naturists want to avoid. I would thing holidays in general are a great way to spice things up, not naturists holidays in general.
  3. They’re completely and totally private. A good argument to feel totally relaxed naked. Nobody will sneak in and as everybody is naked, it’s a great way to gain body confidence in a safe environment.
  4. They have killer spa services. Once again, not specific to naturism, but some resorts may have great spa.
  5. They’re located in the world’s most beautiful spots. I cannot but agree with this one, whether in the countryside, on a tropical beach or on the short of a lake, most naturists places are wonderful.
  6. Many resorts are all-inclusive. Not sure why it figures here… How is it related to naturism? Really!?
  7. They’re great for mingling. I would add with like minded persons. A great way to meet new naturist friends to expand your naturist time with friends when you’re back home.
  8. You can be a party animal. I feels every other reason can be applied to non naturist holidays. Now partying naked is a whole different story in itself that should be tried and appreciated!
  9. They can be family friendly. Except for the clubs who apply an adult only policy, and those are generally more swingers than naturist, yes, naturism is family friendly and young kids love be nude.
  10. They’re environmentally friendly. Naturists are generally a little bit more nature oriented and environment conscious, so some resorts apply the naturist philosophy to the max.

As you can see, naturists are from all horizons and reasons, good or bad, are many. The one I would like to add is about body confidence and self confidence. Naturism cultivates confidence, makes you feel good as you are and makes you smile. So do not hesitate, do not think too long and jump, book your next nakation!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Jose Espinal from Pexels


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