Are nudists making a statement by being naked?


By being a nudist and being open about it, you definitely make a statement: a body is not something to be ashamed of and it can be openly shown to everyone. As nudist we believe nudity is good. We feel good naked and we would love everybody to understand this. However, there are many undisclosed nudists. Some people, who spend their holidays naked in a nudist resort, never tell others about their nude holidays, fearing the potential rejection. It’s sad because nudism is a wonderful and respectful activity that should not label people. Now, when you are an open nudist, are you making a statement by being naked and by looking for opportunities to be naked? Here are two dimensions we can look at with being naked: the state of nudity and the naked body.

The state of nudity has two sides: making a statement, not making a statement. On making a statement, nudism is a great family and social activity, nothing’s wrong with naked bodies, therefore being naked is a statement. It equates, come and join us! On not making a statement, nudism is a well-being state, you have to feel it, it cannot be rationally explained, so being naked is just a personal experience, nothing more than this. It equates, join if you feel nudity is for you.

The naked body has two sides as well. On making a statement, my body is publicly visible and I enhance it with jewelry, tattoos and piercing to be noticed. On not making a statement: my body belongs to me, what I do with it is my choice and if I have jewelry, tattoos and piercing, it’s for my personal pleasure.

This leads to the four types of nudists:


  • Look at me: my body is nice and need to be looked at, you are welcome to join the nude movement
  • Do like me: my body is just mine, but being naked feels good, you are welcome to join the nude movement too.
  • I am fine: my body is nice and need to be looked at, you will join the nude movement if you feel nudity is for you.
  • I am me: my body is just mine, you will join the nude movement is you feel nudity is for you.

There’s not a true or right type and wrong ones. All are just different and reflect the diversity of mankind. Anybody can be any of the four types and it’s even possible to move from one type to the other. I just came up with this classification to show that some nudist may make a true statement by displaying their naked bodies and inviting people to join them in being naked, while others are naked for their own personal pleasure mingling only with like-minded others, not looking for any social recognition.
Knowing which sort of nudist you are may help to understand why you socialize well with some nudists than others, and may help to find the right nudist resort depending on the type of members. Once again, nothing wrong with any type, it’s not a label to display on your hat, just a simple way to relate to nudity.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. I don’t tell anyone about my interest in naturism in my real life and in my naturist life I prefer to remain unidentified on social media. This is because I am not an exhibitionist naturist. I do it for me and noone else. I don’t want to be photographed or be identified because that is not why I do it and I realise that everything at some point is taken down to base level. For me naturism has nothing to do with sex but a lot of people can’t understand that.
    I am also aware that my images and writings may end up in the wrong place and that there are many people out there using the naturism banner for the wrong reasons. I therefore reason that if there are no naked pictures of me and you can only read about my take on it as a lifestyle only genuine naturists will be interested in what I say.
    That doesn’t mean I mistrust everyone. I have been to lots of genuine naturist events and one or two that have not been and I have taken a careful approach to how I am ‘exploited’ in those situations such as a WNBR.
    That’s just my stance on it. Everyone’s choice about what kind of naturists (or nudist) they want to be is different and I don’t think judging an individuals choices are helpful when we are trying to encourage naturism as a pleasant and nice lifestyle. However I don’t like to know that there are people sexualising genuine naturists and I will challenge that kind of behaviour.

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