Yoga undressed, a wonderful liberating practice


Note: unfortunately the website referenced below has totally changed and is no longer focusing on naked yoga. I keep the post as the video is still on and naked yoga remains a strong trend. I will revisit the post later.

Let me start by saying that I have not relationship to the below website and of course no commercial interest. I just happen to bump into it while browsing the web. I have practiced yoga on my own for quite a while now and always naked. I find it much more comfortable to be entirely nude to do your salutations to the sun and all the other various yoga moves.

Before going further on the site and the many benefits of yoga, enjoy the trailer found on youtube:

The images are beautiful and gives a wonderful overview of the joy of naked yoga. I have not purchased the DVDs you will find on the Yoga Undressed web site, and I am not sure if the company is still active as you will find a lot of those videos on youtube by just looking for Yoga Undressed. I always feel sorry when copyrighted material is shared freely on Youtube, but if anybody can give feedback on whether the company is still alive and sell the DVDs (last post on their blog is dated August 31, 2014), this may help.

On the site, I particularly enjoyed the history of Naked Yoga and how Naked yoga helps “promoting an enhanced awareness of the body”. As naturist we enjoy being naked, practicing yoga naked will reinforce our sense of well-being and the acceptance of our body. The text is well written and illustrated by beautiful picture.

“Your body is a temple. Come inside and pay homage. Honor yourself with love and gratitude.” Have a deep look at the Yoga Undressed website.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!


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