Are nudism and clothes an oxymoron?


Nudists are naked, therefore sans clothing. What is the nudist relationship to clothes? I cannot speak for every nudist of course and I will be happy to get your comments, but here’s my nudist point of view on clothing: I love to be nude and I love clothes! If I have to choose, I prefer to be naked, but when time comes to get dressed, I’d rather be well dressed. This does not mean that I am going to spend a fortune on clothing, but I am going to purchase the best possible clothing for my budget, because the way you’re dressed reflects who you are.

Let me take simple examples. When I am in a nudist environment or at home, I am fully naked, but sometimes for a pair of shoes. If I need to meet an important customer, I will wear a suit and potentially a tie if I am in a formal business environment. If I go to a non-nudist friend’s dinner, I will wear a pair of jeans with a comfortable polo shirt. As a rule of thumb, in a clothed environment, my clothes will be of the best quality I can afford while comfortable.

Now, what about others? Well I have the same approach and I tend to find well-groomed people more attractive, although I generally defer my judgement after hearing them speak. As I cannot befriend all nudists, I will not befriend all well-dressed people. This is my balanced approach to clothing. However, there is one occasion in which clothes make me angry: when worn in a nudist environment.

Here, my rationale is very simple: when in a nudist environment, all shall be naked. There are three circumstances, and three only I can think of, that I will understand and tolerate clothing:

  1. When one gets sunburned or other skin ailment that requires protection from the sun
  2. When one requires protection for security reason, for instance wearing an apron to do some cooking
  3. When temperatures get too cold to remain comfortably naked

Beyond those three reasons, I can understand a newbie nudist stays dressed for the first day spent at a nudist resort, but should get naked on day two, or leave! When in Rome, do as Romans, don’t you? So nudism and clothes are not antagonistic, but like all things in life we should strike the right balance.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, and Share the Naked Love!


  1. We fully agree that a nude venue is most appreciated when in the nude, among others who also wish to be. Some folks prefer a clothing optional environment for various reasons, and that’s their prerogative.
    We personally are more comfortable among fellow nudists than we are around clothed people who, for some reason, like to hang around looking at but not participating in social nudism. They have all of the world to enjoy but nudists/naturists have precious few resources where we can be free of Textile society’s scrutiny and perceptions.
    Of course there are exceptions, as noted in this article, but the norm for nudists worldwide is a desire to be nude among other nudists, not merely naked in a crowd of Textiles. That’s a different urge altogether, unrelated to social nudism though many do not understand the distinction between the two.
    The primary reason for clothing optional resorts, as we see it, is mainly financial. It broadens the market, encourages non-nudists to ‘safely’ try a titillating experience, and possibly strip down if they dare. These folks aren’t nudists.
    ‘Bing’ traduction:
    Nous souscrivons pleinement qu’un lieu de rendez-vous nue est le plus apprécié lorsque dans le nu, parmi d’autres qui souhaitent aussi être. Certaines personnes préfèrent un environnement facultatif vêtements pour diverses raisons, et c’est leur prérogative.
    Personnellement, nous sommes plus à l’aise chez les nudistes compagnons que nous sommes des gens habillé qui, pour une raison quelconque, comme traîner en regardant mais ne participant ne pas au nudisme social. Ils ont tous le monde de jouir mais nudistes/naturistes ont peu de ressources précieuses où nous pouvons être libres de contrôle et les perceptions de la société Textile.
    Bien sûr il existe des exceptions, comme indiqué dans cet article, mais la norme aux naturistes dans le monde entier est un désir d’être nu entre autres nudistes, pas simplement nus dans une foule de Textiles. C’est une envie différente au total, sans rapport avec le nudisme social bien que beaucoup ne comprennent pas la distinction entre les deux.
    La raison principale pour vêtements facultatifs resorts, comme nous le voyons, est essentiellement financière. Il élargit le marché, encourage non-nudistes à essayer « sans risque » une expérience titillant et éventuellement démonter s’ils osent. Ces gens ne sont pas naturistes.

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