True Naked Yoga, a year later


It has been close to a year that I’ve been regularly using True Naked Yoga. While doing various asanas a few days ago, I felt it was time to provide a genuine feedback about the service, both to you, readers of this blog, and to Gabriel (co-founder of True Naked Yoga) and Emily (producer and copywriter), who introduced me to True Naked Yoga.

My personal yoga practice

As a dedicated member of True Naked Yoga, I have developed a consistent and well-rounded practice that has slowly transformed my life. Practicing naked yoga every other day, I have developed a better connection between my body and mind, embracing my natural state and enhancing my overall well-being.

Each session is featuring a series of stretches and movements to awaken my muscles and joints. With nothing between my skin and the mat, I am able to engage deeply with my breath, cultivating a sense of presence and focus that carries me through the practice. This daily ritual has allowed me to become more in tune with my body, observing subtle shifts in alignment and sensation with greater awareness and curiosity.

Incorporating naked yoga into my daily training routine has been crucial in improving my mobility and balance. Focusing on challenging movements and poses, I work on building functional flexibility and balance to support my workout practice. By alternating between naked yoga, strength and cardio trainings, I challenge my body in different ways, fostering resilience, flexibility, and endurance.

Throughout my practice, I have noticed significant improvements in my posture and stability, particularly in balancing postures like Tree Pose and Warrior III. The vulnerability of practicing naked has also fostered a deeper sense of self-acceptance and appreciation for my body, allowing me to approach each session with gratitude and humility.

As I continue to explore the possibilities of naked yoga, I am reminded of the transformative power of consistent practice. By honoring my body’s natural state and pushing my physical limits, I am cultivating a sense of balance, strength, and mindfulness that extends far beyond the mat.

What I really like at True Naked Yoga

True Naked Yoga has become an indispensable part of my wellness journey, and there are several aspects that I truly appreciate about the platform. One of the key features I enjoy is the extensive variety of sessions available. The diverse range of yoga styles, themes, and focuses caters to practitioners of all levels and preferences, ensuring that I can always find something suitable for my current mood and energy level, while being challenged by intermediate and advanced sessions.

The alternating nature of challenging and easier sessions is another aspect that I find particularly appealing. This balance keeps my practice fresh and engaging, allowing me to push my limits while also giving my body ample time for recovery and restoration. This thoughtful arrangement of sessions helps me stay motivated and committed to my practice, as I can choose to challenge myself when I feel strong or opt for a gentler session when my body requires a more nurturing approach.

The varying lengths of the sessions are also a valuable feature, as they allow me to seamlessly integrate yoga into my daily life, regardless of the time constraints I may have. Whether I have a full hour to dedicate to my practice or just a quick 15-minute window, I can always find a session that fits my schedule. This flexibility has been instrumental in maintaining consistency in my practice and ensuring that I remain connected to my body and breath, even on my busiest days.

Lastly, the regular addition of new content keeps my experience with True Naked Yoga dynamic and inspiring. After a year on the platform, I still have yet to explore all the sessions available, and I am constantly delighted by the fresh offerings that keep my practice invigorated and evolving. This ongoing expansion of the content library is a testament to the commitment of True Naked Yoga to providing a rich, rewarding, and ever-evolving experience for its members.

What I would like to see at True Naked Yoga

While I thoroughly appreciate the diverse offerings and features of True Naked Yoga, there are a few enhancements that I would love to see implemented in the future. These additions would further enrich my experience and allow me to continue deepening my practice in new and exciting ways.

Firstly, I would appreciate longer sessions, ranging from 45 minutes to one hour, as these extended practices provide a more immersive and comprehensive experience. Longer sessions would allow for a greater exploration of postures, pranayama, and meditation techniques, encouraging a deeper connection to the body and mind. The inclusion of more extended practices would cater to those looking for a more challenging and fulfilling experience, helping practitioners to further develop their skills and understanding of the practice.

Another feature I would like to see is the introduction of curated paths or series, targeting specific aspects of yoga, such as balance, strength, or flexibility. These tailored paths would provide a structured progression of sessions, allowing members to follow a set of videos without having to search for individual classes. By offering a clear roadmap for improvement in a specific area, members can experience a more focused and goal-oriented practice, leading to noticeable progress and a sense of accomplishment.

Note - As I was pushing this post, True Naked Yoga released its first Five-Day Flexibility series, making my previous comment almost irrelevant. This is definitely a great move and a wonderful addition to the site.

Lastly, the incorporation of a forum or platform for challenges and interaction between members would greatly enhance the sense of community within True Naked Yoga. A forum would provide a space for members to share their experiences, progress, and insights, fostering a supportive and engaging environment. Challenges between members could also be introduced, providing opportunities for friendly competition, motivation, and camaraderie. This feature would not only enhance members’ sense of belonging but would also promote accountability and commitment to personal growth.

All in all, True Naked Yoga has emerged as an empowering and transformative platform that supports practitioners in their journey towards self-discovery, physical well-being, and mental clarity. Through its diverse range of sessions, thoughtful balance between challenging and easier practices, and the ongoing addition of fresh content, the platform has successfully catered to the unique needs and goals of its members. With the prospect of further enhancements such as longer sessions, curated paths, and a member forum with challenges, True Naked Yoga has the potential to become an even more enriching and engaging experience for all. As we continue to embrace our authentic selves and explore the depths of our practice, True Naked Yoga stands as a supportive and inspiring companion on this beautiful and transformative journey.

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