Becoming a Nudist – Chapter 6 – Sharing The Joy – Caring is Fertilizing


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To grow, all living creatures need food. The more balanced the food, the better the growth and health. Self-care and care for others are food for the soul, the mind and the body. By caring, we help ourselves and others to grow organically and healthily.

By caring, we also contribute to our own and others’ happiness. Happiness is a journey of growth, joyful is one of the states we can be in on this journey. We all know that when the soil is fertile, the ecosystem flourishes.

Enlightening people about nudism, by sharing joy and caring about them, is the best way to embark them into the nudist journey. A journey of discovery and growth. A journey of care and joy. A journey of freedom and respect.


Plants are incredible. An acorn can produce a mighty oak, a tiny seed a delicate flower or a yummy fruit. But, that seed needs a fertile soil, water and light. The same happens to ideas. If planted in a fertile brain, with care and joy, it can grow and blossom.

Nudism is more than just being naked, alone or with others, at home or outside, on a beach or in a resort. Nudism is a lifestyle, built on communal nudity, respect and care. Nudism spreads like seeds that nudists sow in human brains, educating them about the many benefits we have encountered in chapter 3.

Nudism seeds need to be sowed. This book and my blog are seeds bags. They’re disseminated across the internet to find open minds. Nudist magazines, other books and blogs play the same role. However, the most important sowers are us, nudists.

Are you talking about nudism to friends and family? Are you sharing with neighbors and foreigners the joy of nudism? Are you sowing the seeds of nudism?

Not that we all need to be bragging about nudism all day and become nude activist. Nudism needs to stay a “joysession”, not to become an obsession. But when the opportunity arises, grab it by the horn and sow. Explain nudism. Explain its benefits. Explain what it provides to your mind, body and soul.

The seed may die as a plant seed dies if it doesn’t find the right PH in the soil or isn’t watered. Some mind will reject nudism. Don’t stop there. Show respect and care. Tell the other party that you understand their point of view. Nudism may not fit their beliefs. But if they change their mind, for whatever reason, or want to know more about it, they know that you’ll be there to help.

If you planted seeds in a garden, you may have noticed that some germinate, some don’t. Some grow strong, some stay weak. Some bear fruits, some don’t. Consider the nudism idea like seeds you plant in people’s mind. It may germinate, or not. It may grow strong, or stay weak. It may bear fruits, or stay sterile. However, if you feel the seed is alive, it’s time to fertilize. 


By opening up, talking and living your nudism, you’ve sown many seeds. You can watch them grow or help them grow. This is what caring is about. Care is the fertilizer of growth.

What can you do to fertilize your seeds and help them grow? Continue talking, sharing and caring. There comes the time to show empathy.

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

Albert Einstein

An article entitled Empathy, What It Is, Why It Matters, And How You Can Improve, defines empathy as the ability to understand things from another person’s perspective. Empathy helps us also to show we care and want the best for the other person. It’s a powerful way to balance our views with others’, and to explain how new ideas and situations can help the other person grow.

With empathy, we aren’t forcing ideas, we aren’t imposing them, we’re fertilizing them. Having an open and respectful discussion about nudism is the best way to create a secure fertilizing environment.

Like many things in life, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. If you water a plant too much, it may die. Some plants like shade and will die if exposed to direct sunlight. The same happens when you’re nurturing the idea of nudism. Too much can lead to a halt. Balance is an incredibly important aspect of human relationships. Time is of the essence.

Growing plants teaches us to be patient. You can’t grow a plant in a couple of hours or even days. It requires weeks, months, sometimes years. Same may happen with nudism. Fertilizing the idea may take weeks, months, sometimes years. Don’t be disappointed if a fertilizing session doesn’t reap the fruits you were expected. Let the fruit grow. Continue fertilizing drop by drop, by continuous care.

Change is hard for people. Particularly when it involves hardwired ideas and emotions. When, during childhood, we’re told that nudity is wrong, is a private affair and is shameful, it sinks deep into our brain and under our skin. Even, when later, we’re exposed to the falsehood of this position, we don’t have the right soil to grow the seed of nudism.

The soil needs to be prepared. Gardeners know that soil preparation may be needed before planting what they want to plant. It sometimes takes a couple of years before being able to plant anything fruitful. Time is on your side, don’t work against it.

Sowing and fertilizing the seed of nudism requires time. Accept it and work with it. Here are some actions you may take to fertilize the seeds of nudism, without setting any expectations: 

  • Show love and care
  • Compliment genuinely
  • Share benefits
  • Enroll other parties (same sex is preferable) to share their positive experiences
  • Celebrate baby steps like huge victories

Those positive actions will work miracles. They show you listen and care. They also show that you’re passionate and demonstrate your determination. It will create the right fertilization mechanism to grow joy, happiness and nudism.


I’m always amazed at how beautiful nature is when it’s blossoming. I’m equally amazed when people you care about are realizing something they didn’t understand before, or embrace a new endeavor with courage and determination. The day a friend, your spouse or a family member disrobes or asks to go to the nude beach is one of those days.

When people discover what nudism is really and what it does for them, physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially and even spiritually, is the day nudism blossoms. It may sound a little bit cliché, but simple, plain and shared nudity is a gift.

A French radio station recently broadcast for close to an hour about nudism. One listener called to explain his misconception of nudism. When, during a first stay in a nudist campsite, he discovered that nudism wasn’t what he thought it was, not only his perception changed, but he became a nudist almost on the spot. 

As nudists, we take for granted that nudism is a fantastic lifestyle. We have to celebrate it daily with deep gratitude and love to all our fellow nudists. It’s difficult not to be amazed at beautiful flowers, a well-maintained garden or a mighty forest. I see nudism and the addition of a nudist to the community as those moments of amazement.

Imagine you spent, weeks or months, even years to convince a friend to join you at your local nude beach. One drop at a time, drip, drip, drip! Then, one day, she gets it and proposes she joins you for a day at that beach. All those days, you nurtured, cared and fertilized the idea of nudism, and it blossomed. You made a new nudist! You shared and cared.

It seems so simple when I write those words, but I know, we know, it’s a world of courage, efforts and dedication. Every moment’s worth it, as it’s a wonderful feeling to have helped a human being to discover and embrace the comfort of her or his skin with confidence and joy.

Sowing and fertilizing are necessary to blossoming. Talking about nudism, sharing our vision of nudism and caring to listen to the people we love are the sowing and fertilizing. As I say, if you don’t ask, you will never receive an answer. If you don’t open your heart to others, they will never open theirs. If you don’t share, you’re a nudist and would love them to become nudists, they may never become one. Be their gardener. Sow, fertilize, blossom and help them grow.

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Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

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  1. Hi Marc. Just a thought but it occurs to me that as the simple enjoyment of being clothes free sheds any residual shame and leads to ever increasing joy, so the sharing and caring also grows. Also significant is that as for most things in life, as naturism brings more joy, the resulting (and also naturally increasing) enthusiasm leads not only to more joy but most importantly, confidence. So often one reads about people discovering the joy that comes with simple daily nudity and achieving increased confidence as a result. I have certainly found that as part of my own journey away from society’s collective but ridiculous shame for the beauty and wonder of the human body, personal confidence is a definite outcome. In many ways, naturism is a vehicle to self discovery and and clearer self awareness. Hope I am not rambling. Cheers. Andrew.

    • No, you’re not rambling Andrew. You’re completely right. I think nudism create a virtuous circle of self discovery, awareness and confidence. Keep being naked and share nudism!

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