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Human emotions grow, but can also be repressed. Resentment is built on frustrations. The joy that nudism creates may also be destroyed by textiles who prefer rejecting than accepting. By becoming a nudist, our goal should always be to grow joy, by caring and nurturing.

However, there will always be toxic textiles and toxic nudists. The site Hey Sigmund explains how to deal with toxic people. Point 3, they won’t own their feelings, 6, they’ll be there in a crisis but they’ll never share your joy, and 12, they are judgmental, can be related to situations between textiles and nudists. Textiles against nudists are often “shocked” by nudity, and always blame the nudists, although I believe that it’s their reaction to nudity that is the problem, not nudity itself. Even when you’re joyful—and we’ve seen that nudity is joy—they never share that joy.

If you can avoid toxic people do it. If you can’t, recognize them and bet on joy as the foundation to neutralize their acidity, to take a chemical parallel. When you’ve started to fertilize your nudism and others with love, care and celebrations, keep on doing small nude actions to grow that joy and live a joyful nudist life.

From Flowers to Fruits

Fruits are the plants reproductive body. As the Encyclopedia Britannica explains, “botanically, a fruit is a mature ovary and its associated parts. It usually contains seeds, which have developed from the enclosed ovule after fertilization.” Growing the fruits of joy, to continue on this botanical analogy is to enable the reproduction of that joy. Enrolling new nudists create more nudists.

When you see that your care and nurture create flowers, continue your care and nurture. How do you know a nudist is blossoming? When he or she says that nudism feels like a new world and smile about it. You know the feeling when you’re told something you don’t understand, then suddenly “you get it”? Well, this is the bud of the flower of understanding. We sometimes say we have an epiphany.

I call that blossoming. Finally, letting this flower coming out. The sap of joy has fed a bud that will turn into a flower. However, a flower can die without having transformed into a fruit. When we want to follow the cycle of life and love, we need to ensure the flower will become a fruit. Hence, we need to continue caring and nurturing. For nudism, we require to consolidate the comfort of nudity by going to nude beaches and resorts, meeting other nudists, and being informed about nudism, through books, sites, magazines and podcasts for instance.

By transforming nudism into a continuous “joysession”, you contribute to its fruition. It may sound abstract for some, but it can be very practical by choosing nudity when possible and practical. And this starts by making every day a joyful nude day.

Making Everyday a Joyful Nude Day

I once write an article entitled Naturism is not only on weekends and holiday. Joy should be integral of your life, woven into the fabric of your days. As shared previously, happiness is a choice, not something that happens. It’s built, brick of joy after brick of joy.

Why not therefore enjoying some nudity daily? As I already shared, when I can I choose nude: I sleep nude, I workout nude, I prepare and eat breakfast nude, I meditate nude, I work nude when I’m working from home, and so one. I consciously choose joy. I consciously choose nude.

Choosing joy sets the tone for the day. Choosing joy fuels happiness. Choosing joy turns stress and challenges into actionable items that need to be ticked on the to-do list. It’s not easy to choose joy when life throws curve balls. Nope, it’s not. But the moment you realize the power to choose is in your hands, you can stand in front of the challenges and take action.

My choice is joyful nudity. As said in the previous chapter, nudity is joy to me. It didn’t come immediately. It took years to link nudity and joy, or more precisely to understand the subtle link between nudity and joy. It was always there, I just didn’t see it. This is the reason why I always start my day entirely nude. It’s all about setting the mood for the day and building upon that nude.

Whatever the day in front of me, whether it’s a difficult working day or a relaxing holiday, I decide that it will be a joyful nude day. And when I meditate nude, even if it’s two minutes when I don’t get much time, I visualize it as full of smiles and joy! Positivity leads the day.

Living in Positivity

An article from the Mayo Clinic Staff explains how “positive thinking helps with stress management and can even improve your health”. As the article explains, positive thinking isn’t about ignoring all unpleasant situations, it’s approaching them in a positive and productive way.

The article identifies six ways to “think and behave in a more positive and optimistic way”:

  • Identify areas of change. Look at all the areas of your life you fill with negativity and make the conscious decision to have a positive stance about it. There’s always a positive side to any situation. It’s generally a matter of perspective and relativity. When I realized nudity was my source of joy, I started to identify every piece of my life I could include it.
  • Check yourself. When you feel some negative thoughts are popping up, stop and find at least a positive spin. When I started to include more nude time in my days, there were moments of doubt. Was I doing the right thing? Did I make the right decision? I didn’t answer those questions, but replaced them with positive feelings of comfort, freedom and calm.
  • Be open to humor. Such a simple and beautiful advice! Smile, laugh, put levity in your days. Seriousness and gravity of some situations will kill joy, like pouring water on fire. Put the second advice into play, and force a smile, find a funny angle and allow a positive angle to deflect the gravity. It’s not always possible, but don’t let situations drag you down.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle. Thirty minutes daily is the dose. Whether you walk, run, push and pull weights, practice yoga, just move your body. And if you don’t feel doing it, try doing it nude. 
  • Surround yourself with positive people. You need support, love and care, not negativity and toxicity. Go back to the beginning of this part. Don’t allow people to judge your nudity and appreciation of nudism negatively. Keep nudist-friendly friends and acquaintances.
  • Practice positive self-talk. Whether it’s about nudism or any other topic, when a negative thought comes, evaluate it and respond with positivity. Nudity may shock people, it’s also a fantastic way to better appreciate the human body and has so many health benefits.

The article is providing reframing examples that you can include in your daily practice. Here are some additional reframing examples concerning nudism and nudity.

Negative Self-TalkPositive Self-Talk
I can’t go to a nude beachIt’s a great opportunity to expand my comfort zone
I don’t have a great bodyI love the body I have and am proud of it
Nudism isn’t for meNudism is for everybody
I was taught nudity was evilNudity is a healthy lifestyle
Nudists are pervertNudists are normal people
I don’t want to see naked peopleI will enjoy myself and will see beyond simple nudity
I’m not at ease nudeI can learn to become comfortable nude
I will get sexually excitedI can control my emotions and feelings
There’s no way I become a nudistI can do my best to enjoy nudism

You probably see the pattern here and can apply it to your life. Do you think it’s artificial and too difficult? Sprinkle some positive thinking: with a small conscious effort, you can make that work. Remember the drop of water metaphor: plants need to be watered everyday, drip, drip, drip. You can do it, one step at a time. Choose positivity, choose joy, choose nude.

We’re coming to the end of this chapter on sharing the joy. As most of the nudists will confirm, nudism is a social lifestyle. If you’re a closet nudist, you may not realize this social and sharing dimension. It’s the minute you step into a nudist community, whether on a beach, a resort or a campsite, that you realize something has changed, or that actually something was added to your experience of nudity.

When you embark that social level, you will want to share it more. However, sharing nudism isn’t always an easy feat. It can be misinterpreted, and will be most of the time as nudity is seen in the wrong way. In the next three and final chapters of the book, we will explore the world of nudism from an inward angle, then an outward one and finally a life choice one.

However, before we jump in, I want to pause to reflect. The last three chapters on shame and joy were centered about equipping you with psychological and emotional tools that go beyond nudism. It’s life tools to help live a joyful and happy life. Love, care, pride, and confidence are powerful emotions that can radically transform lives as they have transformed mine over the years.

Love and care are all about spending time for others. Not WITH others, but FOR others. It’s loving them unconditionally and caring about them. It’s putting them first. It’s showing them they matter. It’s telling them they’re important.

Pride and confidence are all about spending time for you. Be proud of who you are and be confident of whom you can become. Never allow others to tear you down. You are beautiful and strong. Let the world know.

Allow you to be a proud, confident, loving and caring nudist! Let’s look at what being a nudist means.

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Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

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  1. Hi Marc. Yet another joyful article. Your writing brings joy even when cold weather impinges on being free. Seriously you’re inspiring as always. Thanks for what you do. Cheers. Andrew. ????⌨️✒️?‍♂️

    • Thank you Andrew for your kind words. Yes, cold weather makes it more challenging to enjoy plain and simple nudity. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on what it means and to seek for every opportunity to strip and enjoy full nudity inside and outside. Keep enjoying and spreading nudism!

  2. I’ve been a nudist know for many years, and live only two miles from a nudist beach. Over the years I have made many nudist friends, and during the winter months we have naked house parties. Being a nudist I am always naked at home and outside in the summer, either on the beach of in the garden.i love being naked around my nudist friends.

  3. So many tools in your writing to help us care for ourselves, and when we know how to care about ourselves and be healthy, we can let that be a gift to others. You certainly are a gift to those around you.

  4. I have already became a nudist and now I understand the reason my mom had compulsory for being naked at home and I Always was nudist indoor now I am smoking outdoors see people naked and be seen naked too and I am looking for friendship with nudists couples or mature single woman or transex as I also became a mature single bissexual nudist man.
    Hopefully all nudist people can understand me

    • Thanks Wagner for sharing. I hope you’ll find like-minded nudists. If I may though, consider stopping smoking. It’s unhealthy and costly. I quit smoking a long time ago and never regretted it.

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