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As I was editing the previous pages, I suddenly realized I was clothed. Yes, it happens! I was coming back from an exhausting day of customer engagement and as I was opening my laptop to review some professional documents, I fired Scrivener to take a break and review the previous pages. As I was feeling tired and stressed, my words flashed in front of my eyes. I had one thing to do to bring immediate joy to my life: getting naked! That’s what I did.

As I write those lines, I’m sitting naked on my couch, my computer on my lap, feeling incredible grateful. A flow of gratitude and joy fills my naked body and mind. I’m grateful for being naked, living in a country where nudity is legal, and enjoying as much nude time as I want. Nudity makes me joyful, as it makes millions of nudists and, probably you, as you’re reading these lines.

If you wonder whether nudity brings you joy, just try it. Are you naked? No! Just get naked! Now! If you’re naked, just stop for a few moments and consider how you feel. Same if you just got naked. How to you feel? Good, great, awesome? You’re not hundred percent sure, as you may feel nudity isn’t entirely normal? Go back to the previous chapter to get rid of the last speck of shame and decide being nude makes you joyful. Joy is also a decision.

The article 3 Things You Must Do to Feel Joyful of the Huffpost opens by saying “things that continue to surface when you think about living your best life, being happier, more fulfilled and joyful, those are the things you must be doing because your spirit is calling for them”. It provides three simple, though not easy, actions to feel joyful: determine what things you’re drawn to, eliminate your excuses, and Start a daily practice. This is what we will be looking in detail in the following pages, with a clear twist on nudity and nudism.

So, a happy life starts by determining what makes you joyful and happy.

Determine If Nudism Makes You Joyful

Being naked alone and with others make me joyful. It’s a no-brainer! So the above title is a resounding yes. But is it for you, as you read those lines? Although I already asked you the question, are you currently naked and feeling good being so? Of course, it may not be possible for you to be naked, as you may read these lines in a train or surrounded by clothed people. But if you’re or if you were, are you or would you be joyful for being naked?

Let’s do a quick activity. Read the instructions below before closing the book.

  1. If you can, get naked. Entirely! If you can’t, just think about a situation you were naked, casually, in a non-sexual situation.
  2. Grab a notebook, your iPad or any way to take some notes.
  3. Find a quiet and comfortable place and sit down.
  4. Examine all the physical, psychological and emotional sensations you experience and note them down in your notepad. 
  5. Take at least fifteen minutes to go as deep as possible.

How are you feeling now you’ve done this exercise? Does your nudity help or hinder your sensation? Did it create a comfortable environment or an awkward one?

The web site Learning Mind has published 20 Tips to Make Your Life More Joyful and Easy. One of those is not to compare yourself to others. This is the number reason people feel uncomfortable while naked. Did you compare your naked body to somebody else or thought about your flaws? Comparison is the number one joy killer. Go back to chapters 3 and 4, to get rid of those feelings born in shame and comparison. Replace those with the “I’m beautiful” mantra. That sorted and eliminated (I know, easier said than done, but put it away for the moment), how do you feel naked?

Let me help you. Years ago, I was, like many, questioning whether nudism was right. I felt so good naked, while ashamed to be seen or judged if seen. On a quiet Spring morning, while naked, I took my notebook, stepped outside, sat on the grass and noted all those sensations. There, on that sheet of paper, were written shame and comfort. I went deeper. What was shame about, what was comfort about. As I was thinking and writing more, shame disappeared outweigh by comfort. On that day, I determined nudity was making my joyful and eliminated my “excuses” not to be naked more often.

Do the same! If you’re still sitting on the fence, report the exercise a couple of times, and get naked as often as possible over the course of next days and weeks. Every time, mentally note how you feel. If joy, comfort and happiness surface each time, don’t overthink. You’ve just determined nudity makes your joyful!

Eliminate Your Excuses

The second step suggested by the Huffpost article is to eliminate your excuses. We have so many excuses for not doing what we need to do. Life keeps throwing curve balls at us and we try to catch them all. As the article says: Stop making excuses and start looking for solutions!

Let’s list a few common excuses not to embrace nudism:

  1. If people discover I’m a nudist, what will they think about me? You don’t live surrogate life. Most people, a majority, don’t care about you, what you do or think. Just continue your life. Live it on your terms. If you think you can’t, find a solution. There’s always one.
  2. I don’t have time to go to the nude beach or resort. Take a calendar, find a time and book your trip. It doesn’t have to be two weeks or cost a fortune to go to Jamaica. Find the closest and cheapest spot and just go there. And if you can’t, just start being naked at home, even if it’s five minutes a day.
  3. My neighbors can see me inside my home. Set aside some money and buy curtains or blinds.
  4. Every time I get naked, I got sexually excited. It happens to me too! Sexuality is a fact of life and as I said in previous chapters, I love sex. It’s a great pleasure of life. But if sexual excitement happens every time you get naked, recognize it and let it subside, by not thinking about it. 
  5. My church prevents nudity. Read chapter 3 on Spiritual nudity again.

There are plenty of other excuses I’m sure. There are just excuses. As the saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. What is your way? It may not be the exact perfect way you originally thought, but hey, take what you can. As the Huffpost article says, “Just do it. Start now and before you know it, you’ll be living a life that’s infused with your passions, leaving you joyful and satisfied.”

This starts by making a decision and practicing nudism daily!

Practice Nudism Daily

A thousand-mile journey starts with one step. If nudism makes you “jolly good”, get naked daily. Impossible you may think? Yes, another excuse has just popped up! Find a way, your way. Sleep naked, go grab your cup of coffee naked, watch television naked… You can’t because you’re living with somebody else? Talk to him or her. Share your nudist thoughts, what nudism is about and get naked. Stop excuses, find ways, and take actions.

  A daily practice anchors behaviors and create habits. It educates the body to be unclothed. It cleans the mind from societal brainwashing. Repetition makes perfection.

When I wrote in a previous chapter, I was naked more than fifty percent of the time, I could evaluate this because I’m naked daily. Most of the weekdays, I’m naked from the moment I come back from errands or work to the next day. Nudity is a daily practice. Some nudists told me that by being nude daily, I’m not really a naturist, but more a nudist. So be it. I don’t care, it’s just a label. I’m a nudityist, a nudist, a nakedist, or just a simple human being enjoying the suit that was offered to him at birth, without the shame society and religion attached to it.

Other nudists told me that being naked daily defeats the purpose of enjoying the freedom of nudity when holiday comes. Good for them if this makes them happy. What makes me happy is to be nude. And I want to be happy every day, not only on holiday. So I’m nude every day.

Being nude daily has changed my mind on nudity like drops of water dig a hole in a rock. It has made nudity normal over the years. My views, ideas and perception of nudism changed slowly, and transformed my life for the better I think. Many nudists shared that nudism is helping them with various mental health disorders like PTSD or ADHD. Although I didn’t find scientific studies that corroborate those facts, I think it goes with hormonal balances in the body and mind. As we’ve seen in chapter 3, physical and psychological benefits of nudity are palatable and proven now. They don’t seem to have side effects. So, why not benefiting from it daily?

Nudity is making life joyful. It’s making mine and many other nudists’ joyful. It can make your joyful too. It requires some determination, action and discipline. In all three cases, it’s not about running a marathon, climbing Mount Everest or learning Mandarin, it’s “just” about dropping clothes and enjoying life the way nature intended, naked!

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Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Nude Love!

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  1. I’m only 2 miles from a nudist beach where I can enjoy being naked, and also other remote beaches nearby. Unfortunately our summer here in the UK is now over, so it will be a home nudist now till next year. The feeling being naked outside is something I have enjoyed for many years

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