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Nudists at the beach

If you are familiar with this blog, you know that I discovered nudism as a kid and have been a nudist since then, although I “made a pause” in my teens. I fully discovered and understood nudism as a young adult. After hundreds of blog posts and the first four books of the Nudism series, I came up with the idea of exploring the topic of becoming a nudist. What does being a nudist mean? Why it matters! What are the paths one may follow to discover the various aspects and benefits of nudism?

Nudism questions many people. Our society has so much brainwashed us about nudity that instead of embracing it without remorse and questions, we are ashamed and uncomfortable with the idea. Once we clean our brain, rationally and emotionally, we free our body and mind, and enjoy deeply our nude natural state. After many years of thinking, reading and experimenting, I felt ready to put on digital and physical paper a complete almost guaranteed journey to nudism.

NoteWhy did I write almost guaranteed? Simply because many people have deeper beliefs that totally forbid them to even consider nudism. It’s an impossible topic. Hence the almost. Some beliefs are beyond the rational and the emotional. However, if you have a totally open mind, you have all the chances to understand and adopt nudism.

In this post and coming ones, I will go over this journey. It will be posted regularly on the blog, and collated to create the fifth volume of the Nudism Series. The book will probably be slightly different from the post as there is more work involved as the book is edited, but the mindset and the information will be there. As usual, your comments are welcome and these posts would not have been possible without all the comments along the years on this blog and my discussions with many nudists across the globe.

I plan to post regularly and to finish the book over this coming summer. There will be some research involved as well, so bear (bare) with me and enjoy the journey. Of course, if you already are a nudist you may feel that you are not concerned by this book. However, I see two benefits for nudists: 1. I want this to be a great resource to introduce textiles to nudism, 2. I believe there’s always more to learn, and nudism is one topic that you may want to learn more about.

A resource for textiles

We, nudists, need to do more to explain social nudity and contribute to normalize nudity. We have seen many movements over the years, like the World Naked Bike Ride, which aim at normalizing nudity. Many naturist federations have done a great job to enable the legality of being nude in public spaces. However, nudism is still very well misunderstood and still mixed with sexuality and exhibitionism.

The whole society has transformed the naked body into a sexual object. But it’s not the case. A naked body is just a naked body. It’s the intention one places upon it that makes it a sexual object. If we change the way we look at it, we change our behavior for good. Textiles will find resources and ideas to get away with the sexual aspect of naked bodies. Not that nudists don’t have a sexuality. I personally love sex. But, nudists draw a clear line between social nudity and sexuality.

The first objective of the book is to provide a clear path for textiles who are intrigued by nudism on why and how to become a nudist. Although, no stories are similar, every nudist had his or her own path. However, there are similitudes and they are the ones that you will discover and make yours. Nudism is a journey that starts with one step. This book could be that step.

A resource for nudists

If you are already a nudist, enjoying the comfort of nudity, alone or with others, this book is for you as well. Nudism is not just about getting naked. It’s about enjoying nudity in various settings and situation. It’s about respecting choices while embracing the simplicity of nudity. However, I’m often asked if nudity is that simple. It may be difficult to undress in many situations. We tend to ponder about possible consequences, about how others will behave, whether nudity is acceptable, among many thoughts. I asked, and answered, all those questions for myself, my friends, my family and my readers over those years to discover more about nudism.

Like many things in life, nudism is a journey, not a destination. Getting nude is not the end, it’s a stop on a never ending journey of openness, simplicity and respect. At the same time, getting nude can be seen just as getting nude. Nothing more and nothing less. However, this would limit nudity to the simple fact of totally physically undressing. But, every nudists will tell you, there is so much more that it may require a book, and this is what this book is about.

I aim at opening new possibilities for an open and happy nudist life. I truly believe nudism is the best possible lifestyle and one that allows total respect to others and our environment. However, I’m not an idealist and acknowledge, and respect, differences, challenges and obstacles. This provides great opportunities to explain what nudism is about, what benefits it provides and why it needs to be fully respected and appreciated. If you’re a nudist, you will find precious resources to ensure you’re respected in your choice of being a nudist.

An overall plan

A book or an editorial calendar of a blog is a moving target. You make a plan, like the provisional table of content below, then you realize changes need to be made. This is life happening, ideas flourishing and writing taking detours. I’ve been thinking about this book for a while and particularly while I run in the morning (most of the time entirely naked, read more here). Every time I come back from running, I have new ideas or older ones find their place. Over a few weeks, the structure of the book came in place and the following one may be close to the final one.

  1. Nudity, body and sexuality
  2. Nudism or naturism?
  3. Physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual nudity
  4. The end of the shame
  5. The joy of nudity
  6. Sharing the joy
  7. Being a nudist
  8. Sharing nudism
  9. Nudism in everyday life

Now, this book will not be complete without you, your inputs and experiences. There will be some polls along the writing and comments will be more than welcome, as they will probably be part of the book itself. I want this book to be yours as well.

Starting such a journey is exciting, but I know excitement fades away rapidly. Hardship, challenges and obstacles erect on the writing path. There will be a lot, I know them. What will destroy them though along the way will be the power of nudism. Nudity fuels me. I know that may sound weird to many, but being nude always puts me in a creative mindset and helps me going over any challenge that tries to derail my work. This is why this work matters to me. I believe in nudism as a way to free not only the body, but the mind and the heart. This is the way I live nudism and wish to convey the nudism message.

I look forward to spending this nudist journey, nude with all you.

Strip Nude, Stay Nude, Live Nude and Share the Love of Nudism!

Photo Funk Dooby from Kent, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Marc, this series should make for a very interesting read!
    I, too, personally love being nude whenever and wherever possible. The overall sense of freedom, peace, being close to nature, and so on.
    I agree wholeheartedly that we human beings have been brainwashed by the Puritan mentality that the human body is something to be ashamed of, something to be completely hidden from view. (I’d be more than willing to bet that “Adam and Eve” didn’t wear a fig leaf to cover their groins). Nudity is viewed as sinful, an act of the “Devil”, etc. Society has been indoctrined into believing this nonsense for centuries.
    Skip to modern times: Another thought process that has been drilled into the heads of people over many, many decades (and continues through today) is the vision of what the perfect body is, driven by sexuality rather than biology, and rendering any body that doesn’t fit this into idea of perfect as something to be ashamed of…
    I see both the male and the female human form are fantastic and beautiful works of art!
    I was raised in a very strict Catholic home, and had such nonsense drilled into me. But, being the extremely open-minded person that I am, a free-thinker, one who questions everything I was ever taught, I saw the falacies and the hypocrisies of much of organized religions, and secretly did my own things whenever I was able to. I was raised in modesty, and even was expected to go to bed in pajamas. Even as a young kid, I’d do so, but as soon as I was covered under my blankets, I’d take off my pajamas and keep them under the covers with me in case I neeeded to slip them back on. As pre-teens, a friend of mine and I used to get together in the woods in our neighborhood in New England, strip naked and romp through the woods, simply enjoying the aforementioned sense of fredom, and so forth. As we grew up, we continued our forays, and incorporated it into our days in Boy Scouts together while on camping trips whenever we could get away with it, or when one of us was over the other’s house and were alone.
    Unfortunately, in much of my adult life (I am currently 58), the opportunities to be nude were largely diminished due to the narrow-mindedness of my (then) wife, by family and by Society. After my divorce, I once again was able to enjoy my love of being nude whenever home. It wasn’t until several years ago when I got together with my current wife that I was able to enjoy it more. Living in Texas, we were nude at home all of the time, and ventured often to Hippie Hollow in Austin, TX, a clothing optional “beach” where we were able to enjoy our love of being nude with many others. It was not uncommon for us to go venturing into the wooded areas, and depending on where we were, would strip down and, again, enjoy our being nude in nature.
    Regarding the Societal opinion of the so-called “perfect body”, I do not, nor have I ever thought of myself and my body as visually great, but likewise, I never envisioned it as ugly, either. With my own free-thinking attitude, I never had an issue with taking my clothes off and being nude in the company of others, whether people that I know, or complete strangers, whether male or female, and whether they are nude or not. I always viewed being as such as natural.
    Good luck with the research, and your writing!

  2. Our ideas writing down our paths to becoming nudists are similar, as I was thinking of doing the same thing this summer, that is writing an ebook. We all have our unique stories to tell.

    A little constructive criticism/feedback: you might want to try writing in complete sentences more. It would make your story flow more easily.

  3. I started nudism at 5th grade and I never did stopped, shaved smooth 7th grade and I wearing my older sister’s panties 6th grade and I never did stopped, I say it’s okay for boy’s to be like this in his life like me, 57yrs old white male…
    Open Minded Lifestyle
    Thank You

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