2021 Guide to Naturism


During the COVID-19 pandemic, British Naturism has been very active to promote naturism. I may be biased because being French, the UK is the closest English speaking country to me. However, on the nudist cyberworld, I read a lot about them in the last 12 months or so.

Along with BN magazine, naturist online events, legal guides, BN has released the 2021 Guide to Naturism. It’s a fantastic publication aimed at providing all the necessary information for seasoned and new naturists. Beyond providing information about British events, the guide covers topic like what naturism is, women in naturism, and health & well-being. Therefore, it’s a great source of inspiration and sharing for naturists and non-naturists. It’s a fantastic document to share with people who have questions about naturism. They will be able to discover the reality about our art-de-vivre.

Bookmark the page and share it with everyone you meet and ask about naturism. From the BN shop website, the guide is not available (yet) in print copies. You may want to print some of the pages to share with friends. The What is naturism (see above), the Naturist FAQs (see below), the Health & Well-Being, and the Women in Naturism pages are particularly great. I printed some copies to give to friends who come at home, with the French Federation of Naturism booklets (in French) as well.

Naturism is a fantastic philosophy and lifestyle that needs to be promoted more. Such a publication helps in this endeavor. We, nudists and naturists, need to advocate our lifestyle and share it with our friends, families and acquaintances. I love my nude life and this kind of documents helps sharing it with more people. I hope it will help you to share naturism with your circle of friends.

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photos and magazine by British Naturism


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