Why On Earth Are Nudists Getting Naked?


As I was naked, wandering in the garden and coming back to have a coffee with my wife, I was thinking about ideas for my next post and this question came to mind. Why are we, nudists, getting naked? What are the reasons that push some people to drop their clothes, alone or with others? Many came to mind, but I wanted to ask others, so I turned to the cyber world. I reached to nudists all over the planet to give me their reasons. It was not really surprising to see that all those reasons could be categorized around three families of reasons. What was surprising though was the diversity of approaches and ideas, around this simple idea of nudity. It shows that despite the simple love of being nude, there’s a huge diversity of nudists that reflects the beauty of diversity in the world.


Comfort is the first reason that comes to mind when we think nudism. Being naked is comfortable. I’ve written a series of posts about the comfort of nudity and you can get those in the form of a free ebook.

Because it’s more comfortable than wearing clothes, temperature permitting.


As I write this post, I’m entirely naked, comfortably sitting on my couch. Why would I wear anything ? I have no sensible answer to wearing clothes when I can be naked. The comfort that nudity procures is so obvious that I don’t want to wear anything. Many people are not comfortable in the own skin though. They think that they are not “beautiful” enough to be naked, do not want to expose their flaws or scars, or fear being see by others. Being a nudist crosses this chasm. By embracing nudity, anyone can love to be comfortable in their own skin. Learn to love your flaws and scars, love to be who you are.

The latter is the psychological dimension of the comfort of nudity. Being naked alone, but more so with others, brings a level of psychological comfort that I never felt clothed. Naked, we are vulnerable. Accepting this vulnerability makes us stronger mentally. Being naked with others also brings social comfort in a new way. When you meet other nudists, you all appreciate being naked. We share something, and all nudists you’ll meet will feel like old friends. Like-minded people tend to flock together, this is why the best way to appreciate nudism is to go to nudist resorts, clubs and beaches, and meet other nudists.


Freedom comes second of the reasons to be naked. The freedom of movement, the freedom of simplicity, the freedom to be who you really are, the freedom to be vulnerable.

First, to feel free. Initially to freely feel the sun, the wind on skin with no barrier. Then comes the discovery of social nudity, opening to new freedom and simplicity, removing virtual barriers. It’s all about removing barriers, finally 🙂


The first time you step in a nudist resort and undress, you quickly feel this freedom. It’s very difficult to describe as you need to live it. Most nudists will say that they feel imprisoned in clothes. I generally drive to the nude beach naked to feel this freedom. It happens that, sometimes, I have a couple of hours to spare and I decide to go to the beach, after doing some shopping or meeting a customer for instance. I’m obviously, and unfortunately, clothed in those moments, but I generally stop the car on the side of the road to undress before reaching the beach just to experience that freedom as soon as I possibly can. The same happens to many nudists I know when they come back home. Their first action when they close the door of their home is to undress and be free again.

Well I love being naked for the comfort and freedom. It is very nice to feel that you can make any movement without anything stopping you.


Nudism is also about being free to be oneself. Being naked you cannot hide behind clothing, you cannot play a role by displaying the clothes you wear. You play your own role in your own skin.


Many nudists, who discovered nudism as adult, tell that the first time they got naked they felt like a liberation. Liberation from society, from taboos, from rules … By dropping your clothes, you drop all their signification, to you and others.

I’ve been a nudist for most of my adult life and the reason is irrelevant, it’s up the individual who wants to be naked for various reasons because they feel what they want to feel about their own liberations.


Being clothed is being imprisoned, being naked is being liberated, to simplify the feeling. I acutely remember the first time I went to a nude beach, as a young adult. I discovered nudism as a kid, and got naked as much as I could until adolescence, where body changes happened. I rediscovered nudism as young adult, bringing back childhood memory. I had not planned to go to a nudist beach, but realized when getting there it was one. In Rome, do like Romans, so I just dropped the swimsuit.

At that precise moment, I knew I was becoming a nudist, again. I that moment, I knew I would never want again to go to textile beaches. I that moment, I felt liberated from all the norms and implicit or explicit rules society wanted to impose on the way I was dressed. It was a real liberation. Since then, I looked for every opportunity to get naked. When I discovered years later that I was not alone hiking naked for example, a practice I had done for years, thinking, it was the best way to hike and feeling I was a little bit weird, I felt liberated. Millions of nudists share this liberation and wait for you to share this feeling together.


Comfort, freedom, liberation, those are three words that describe well why nudists love to be naked and why they seize occasions to be so. Many people have discovered home nudism during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Their discovered the comfort and the freedom of being naked, and many felt liberated and felt nudism was maybe something to consider outside of their home. Nudism and naturism, as many also call it, is more than getting naked. It’s a mindset, a philosophy, a lifestyle, an art-de-vivre. There’s a caveat though : you cannot understand nudism until you try it.

The same way you cannot learn how to ride a bike by reading a book about bikes, you cannot become a nudist and embrace nudism by reading books or this blog post. You have to get naked and experience the comfort, the freedom and the liberation. You’ll have at one point to share your nudity with other naked people in a social setting, nudist resort, village, club or beach. And slowly, nudism will sink in, under your skin, and there will be a point in time when you never be able to go back. Nudism will become who you are, and you will understand its mindset, philosophy, lifestyle and art-de-vivre.

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked, And Share The Naked Love!

Photo by mododeolhar from Pexels


  1. For me, it brings joy, sheer joy. When I strip off the costume I wear throughout the day every evening, I truly appreciate my body. I experience absolute joy when I’m nude in nature. I feel joy when I am nude around my wife even when there is no chance or expectation of sex. There is an amazing intimacy there that only comes with being nude with someone you love.

    • You’re right Brent. I will add that whenever you feel down, getting naked helps getting up. This feeling of joy you describe gets under your skin and life you up.

  2. i think add that its physically pleasurable. The air on the skin, the grass under the feet – feel good. The body itself free of the constraining clothes, moving freely – feels good.

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