The comfort of nudity -1/6 – The naked body is only a naked body


I am often asked why I am a naturist. The first answer that comes to mind is comfort. I propose in this series of six posts to explore what is at the root of this comfort. They are complenting the post 12 Ways To Become Comfortable With Nudity that I wrote a while back. It is, of course, necessary to leave aside the association sexuality-nudity, to focus only on simple nudity, out of any sexual context. My goal is to deconstruct the relationship to our body generally imposed by society, religion, culture or education, to rebuild it as simple, harmonious and natural.

Get naked

Go to your bathroom, close the door, undress, completely, including your jewelry. Don’t keep anything if you can. If you have piercings, you can keep them. Now, look at you in the mirror. If you have a mirror in your foot, exercise is even better. What do you see? Your Body Wrap! Your body. At no time does the mirror send you your ideas, your bowels or your thoughts. It only sends you the image of your body naked.

Take a moment to look at your naked body. For many people, this is the first time. The first time you observe yourself, as you would observe an animal or a new landscape. Be curious, look good! Enjoy every square inch of your body, including the parts often considered “dirty”: the chest, the genitals, the buttocks… Turn around, observe and love this body that hosts your soul.

After a few minutes of observation, ask yourself what you see. The answer is simple: your naked body. Nothing more. Your naked body is just a naked body, with its qualities and flaws. There are certainly some parts that you will like more than others. It is also possible that you do not like anything about your body. Whether you find it too this or not enough that. If these thoughts are normal, stop for a few moments and Ask yourself The question of why these thoughts come to you. Would that not be a reflection of your spouse, siblings or friends? Don’t you make a comparison with these perfect bodies seen in the Magazines or the movies? Remember a day at the beach or the pool. Have you seen “plastic perfect” bodies or normal people with their qualities and flaws? Probably more “normal” people than perfect, right?

Love your body!

This is one of the nodes of the problems that we will see a little later. We cannot help but compare unconsciously or not, and therefore not to love this body that is ours. Away from me the idea of accepting by resignation. We can Want to lose weight, fat, lose his love handles or cellulite while appreciating the body we have today.

Look at yourself again in this mirror and force yourself to forget all these negative thoughts about the visible flaws in your body. Tell yourself that all human beings without exception have flaws, that none is perfect. Smile, love, love this body whose mirror gives you back the image. This naked body that you see, your naked body is just that, a naked body. The same body as all the human beings on this planet. We’re all done the same. When we look at the bodies on a beach, and even more if it is a naturist, we see an impressive diversity of bodies. Every being is unique, and all are different. Different and yet similar. That is the basis of this observation exercise. You see yourself naked in this mirror, and you see your differences right away. Forget these differences. See only the similarities. This naked body is identical to all the other naked bodies. In the end, a naked body is just a naked body, nothing more and nothing less.

Being naked is natural

If you have the courage, open the door of your bathroom and browse your apartment or your naked house. If you are not a naturist, you may experience discomfort, transgression, discomfort. The idea that you may not be naked in your home will certainly invade your brain. And if someone came and saw you, will you tell? What would he think? Chase these thoughts and keep going through your home by telling yourself that we’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just naked. If the anxiety you feel is too great, go back to your room and get dressed. The goal is not to make you uncomfortable, but to change your perception of simple nudity. Start again tomorrow and the other days, until the mere fact of being naked Home is normal and natural.

You can’t, you say! But this is possible for millions of naturists. If you want to change your gaze on nudity and naturism, say that this is possible and redo the previous exercise every day, in the intimacy of your home and let time do its work. After a few days or weeks, you will have to Change Your recording and will see your naked body as a naked body and your nudity as just normal. It is then time to move on to the second stage: assimilating nudity to freedom, which we will see next week.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. I’ve been a naturist/nudist (what’s in a name) for 50+ yrs and although it is now legal to be fully nude in public here in England, there is still a lot of prudery and false modesty. But the above is so true!

    • Thank you for your comment Mike. I think there is a lot of prudery and false modesty all around (not only in England :-)), and as naturists/nudists (I do not make really a difference myself) we need to continue educating and showing how simple and social nudity is natural, normal and healthy.

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