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There are tons of arguments against naturism. If for many, nudity equals sexuality, some others make the distinction, but without even accepting the simple nudity. Here is a list, not exhaustive, of arguments against simple nudity and naturism in general.

  • It’s not elegant! I love that sentence. Elegance can take a different form, just read the definition given by any dictionary. But in general, when you hear elegance, you think chic, distinction in clothing. Nudity being characterized by the total absence of clothing, it is Clear That it is not elegant in the clothing sense of the term. On the other hand, all other forms of elegance apply: Sober beauty, good taste, intellectual and moral distinction, for example. In fact, naturism in its social nudity sense is all this: sobriety, good taste, morality. Naturism is so elegant!
  • We are not animals! Another extraordinary aphorism. Still, we are animals. Thinking, of course, but animals, whose bonobos and chimpanzees are our closest cousins. But even so, we would feel superior to animals that evolve “naked” without No Gene, why should nudity, which is comfortable when the weather permits, be reserved for animals? 
  • It’s dirty! Nudity is not dirty in itself. It is described as dirty by education and society, usually because of its association with sexuality and the sexualization of the bodies. It is a question of deconstructing this argument by highlighting the many benefits of naturism: Comfort, self-confidence, respect for each other, among others. However, it is difficult to combat years of brainwashing involving nudity and sexuality, demonizing and sexualizing the body to excess. For some people, it is simply not possible to change this association. It’s too emotionally entrenched.
  • I can’t see these naked people! There again an emotional argument connected with the negative association of naked bodies. As a convinced naturist, I think that all bodies are beautiful, in the humanity that it conveys. Of course, few of us have athletes’ bodies, protruding muscles, and smooth, shiny skin. However, naked bodies refer to our humanity, to our imperfections, to our being. It is not a question of being a voyeur, but of accepting the mirror that nudity provides. Seeing the others allows us to accept who we are.
  • What about the kids?  Oh, poor kids! Put a young child on a beach, he/she will soon be getting rid of his/her swimsuit to stroll and bathe naked. Nudity is totally natural for toddlers. It is the parents who encourage them to put on a swimsuit to conform to the codes of the company. In a naturist family, the children will be naked without discomfort and problems, until the age of puberty. Usually, the changes in their bodies make them put back swimsuits, and that is normal, it must be accepted. They will return, or not, to naturism a little later. Children love the freedom provided by nudity, let them do it!

There are undoubtedly other arguments advanced by anti-naturism. If you have heard from others, please leave a comment. I could then update this article to help those who want to debate naturism with anti-naturism, to convince them, or at least, minimize their reluctance. Naturism is a fundamental right, and it is necessary to convince day-in, day out that being naked when the conditions of temperature and safety permit is the right thing to do. What do you think? Thank you for your comments below.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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  1. If naked becomes just another allowable option on the clothing spectrum, I’ll be happy. Once it is simply allowed, the advantages of nudity will speak for themselves and people can make decisions without coercion. And if some people want to wear burquas to the beach, I’ll just smile and say, “Ain’t freedom wonderful?”

    I don’t believe in nudist evangelism. Acting like hungry used car salespeople will alienate more people then we gain. One alienated person does more damage to our cause than a hundred slightly skeptical people. An opposing activist pushes against us and draws undecided people along with them. Since we are in a long uphill struggle, we ought not to encourage people to push back.

    Clubs and resorts and cruises where nudity is mandatory are nice but will never advance the cause beyond where it is today. I know of no example in the past where involuntary segregation ever benefited those who were being segregated out. I’d like there to be no need for a closet to hide in.

    I believe the best way to sell an idea is simply to practice it publicly and let the idea sell itself. But for it to be accepted, it has to be allowed. You cannot effectively model a particular behavior if it lands you in jail. So I think we need to push for as many clothing optional venues as possible. Nude beaches, naked bike rides, naked hiking day, Bare to Breakers, performance art and so on are the best way to get a beginning. Once you’ve seen nudity – and all the bad things predicted didn’t happen – the next time is easier. See it enough times and it becomes another unremarkable part of the background.

    For us, that would be complete and total victory.

    • Thank you Fred for your comment. I agree 100% with you. We, nudists, need to get naked more often than not and show rather than preach. I like your sentence “See it enough times and it becomes another unremarkable part of the background.” I truly believe that if (when) nudity will be more widely allowed and accepted, it will become “invisible”, a non-event, like you said, just another clothing option.

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