Coming Out as a Naturist


You are a naturist, but no one from your friends and family knows! You dream of spending days naked, but do not know how to ask your friends! You keep going to the nudist beach all by yourself, while you wish to be accompanied. These are some situations that some naturists live, due to the fear of judgment of others. To live your naturism every day, it is important to annihilate this fear and make your “coming out.”

Naturism is Normal

What could be more normal than being naked? For many people, if not a majority, nudity equals sexuality. This is the first idea we need to get rid of.  If nudity in intimacy is normal, socially, it is also. In my post, 12 ways to become comfortable with nudity, I explain how to reclaim your nudity and naked body.

Society, religion or culture amalgamates sexuality and nudity. They limit the naked body to a “sexual being.” Unless you have been raised in a naturist family, it will generally be necessary to deconstruct this paradigm, to see nakedness as a normal and natural state. Being naked must not create a malaise or be taboo. A naked body is just a naked body, not the sexual manifestation of a human being.

Millions of human beings endorse naturism on the planet, of any color, religion, and culture. There is nothing abnormal to feeling good completely naked. Quite the contrary! As soon as the temperature permits, being naked is infinitely more comfortable than being dressed.

Preparing the ground to come-out

You are afraid to be misunderstood if you admit being naturist. Nothing’s more normal. Naturism is poorly known and assimilated to sexuality as we have seen previously. You should first to dislodge this idea. Careful though! Despite all the greatest precautions, some people will not understand naturism. Their impregnation of nudity as a sexual representation of the body is so powerful that no explanation will allow them to change their mind. If naturism is important to you, you have to accept this risk of misunderstanding by some people.

To be able to convince some of the friends or family members to accept you as a naturist, we need to get prepared to discuss the many benefits of naturism. The goal is to explain naturism in simple terms and let the idea make its way.

Naturist Places

Once this idea is rooted in your mind and body, it is time to move on to the second stage: to make public that you go to naturist places, beaches, resorts, etc.

On a sunny day, suggest to your friends and family to go to the beach, stating that you want them to discover naturism by going to a nudist beach. It is quite possible that your invitation does not meet full approval. Nudity is indeed taboo for a lot of people.

You risk being mocked, treated as a pervert or that they refuse to come with you. There is also a significant chance that some people accept! In any case, hold on and go forward with those who want to go along.

Spend some time explaining the naturist beach etiquette and what to do in case of an erection. Basically and to simplify, explain that you behave on a naturist beach like on a textile beach. No question of staring at other nudists or having sexual or lewd behavior. The idea is to enjoy the beach, normally, just without a swimsuit!

On arrival, strip and leave the choice to your “guests,” inviting them to drop their swimsuit at their own pace. If nudity is mandatory on a naturist beach, the time to adapt varies from one newbie to another. It is not uncommon to see women keeping on their bikini bottom. Respect is the master word.

Debrief and Next Step

Once back from this naturist day, consider debriefing. I know, it sounds a bit professional, but the idea of talking about what your friends/family members have felt is essential to their acceptance or not of naturism.

Speaking of these feelings of freedom, well-being and normality of nudity, you help to anchor naturism in the list of natural and acceptable lifestyles. The idea of the discussion is also to decide on the follow-up to be given to the experiment. Are you going to choose the naturist beaches as a priority? Are you going to share a few days in a naturist club or resort for the next holiday? Is it a question of becoming a member of your naturist federation and joining the local naturist association? Are you going to make your apartment/house a naturist place? Will you take this opportunity to open up to more people?

So many questions that you can discuss and find an agreement for your future activities, naturist or not.

To close this article on coming out as a naturist, it is important to repeat that naturism is quite normal. If you have the chance to live in a country where naturism is legal, live it! Share your love of naturism with your friends, neighbors, and family. Propose them to share your naturist days and make them discover this natural, normal and extraordinary lifestyle!

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Franzl61 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


  1. We all have our closets. Sometimes the solution is to radically reorder your life to make it possible. All I had to do was move 2,000 miles and completely misappropriate everything a therapist said.

  2. I will safe this reading , and ask my family to read it. Your words explaine it mutch better than I can. I am a naturist and my family know it , but I still have to hide my nudity away at home when I just want to be free nude and one with nature .

    • Thank you for commenting, sharing your story and for your kind words. I sincerely hope you will be understood and your naturism accepted. Best.

      • I am walking everyday a little bit more free at home, in hope that my family will get use to my naturism and just maybe one day accept naturism as a life stile .

  3. There’s a few people that know and have no problem with it.They are very accepting people.I don’t tell everyone I’m nudist but I’m no longer going to great lengths to hide it anymore either.Just thought I’d add my two cents:)

  4. Yes, indeed, we have to “come out” as nudists. We have to be open and honest about our naturism. I try to never offend anyone deliberately, but I am unabashed about my nudism and no longer go scurrying about for clothes when I encounter someone as if nudity is wrong or something to be ashamed of.

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