The comfort of nudity – 2/6 – Nudity and freedom


Last week we saw how to consider simple nudity for what it is: a naked body is a naked body, nothing more. This week we look at how once this reality is assimilated, we can feel and deepen the freedom that the nudity vehicles. For, it is one of the aspects that seems to me essential to naturism: freedom of movement, conscience and being.

Natural freedom

As small as the piece of clothing you wear, it is an interface between your body and the outside world. Certainly it can be nice to feel the caress of a cloth. The garment is also a sensual and social element, beyond its protective function. However, it is also a constraint, especially when it has no utilitarian function. The garment protects us from the cold, the rays of the sun, or the dangers our body could be exposed to. Remove any need for protection, and the naked body regains its natural freedom.

Once the stage of assimilation of nudity to its simplest expression, that is, just the natural expression of our body, we can appreciate the freedom. Freedom of movement, freedom of breath and freedom of expression. It is indeed in this dimension that we can place this body rid of its “crutches”. Nothing hinders movement, nothing hinders look, the body is exposed, liberated.


Then realize what happens. Be aware of it. Feel the air around your legs, your arms, your belly, your back. Nothing interferes. This exercise may seem simplistic. It is however close to the first minutes of a meditation session, when one becomes aware of his/her breathing, points of contact with the ground and sensations. Feel this freedom of your naked body.

I find, on a personal note, that the realization of this freedom is essential to one’s own development. Society, education, religion, conventions, and culture often define us. They place limits, barriers, constraints on our lives. Not that it is bad in itself, insofar as we need rules of life in society. But they often unconsciously intervene on the path of our personal development. They form this choking that we sometimes feel. By becoming aware of the freedom that nudity provides, we are refocusing, learning to become ourselves again.

New being

It can happen that this feeling of freedom is so strong that it causes a disturbance. We’re questioning oneself. We may wonder why we waited so long to feel this. There is nothing curious or unique. Many naturists discover themselves late. It’s never too late! On the other hand, once this freedom is found, it must be allowed to flourish. Naturists are often heard saying they would not come back for anything in the world. Like a prisoner released who wants to put his life in order not to return behind the bars. The freedom procured by nudity can be so intense that it becomes unthinkable to go back, to wear clothes, to “fit into the mould”.

If you feel this freedom, you are on a unique, almost unbelievable, path. It will however lead you to look you in the face, to confront your feelings with your gaze. Are you ready? This will be the topic of next week : accepting the new “own view”.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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