The comfort of nudity – 3/6 – Look at you!


If you have a perfect body, spend hours doing gymnastics, in beauty institutes and have thousands of fans on Instagram, go your way, you probably have a critical and sharp look on your own naked body. On the other hand, if you are a “normal” woman or man, think you have a few pounds too much, too visible love handles, not firm enough skin or any other “visible flaw,” then this part is for you, for us should I say.

Love yourself

Even the Instagrammer certainly has some flaws to erase. Whatever the flaw or flaws, you will have to learn to look in the mirror and to love yourself. To love yourself, to love your body, to love your image, is not to want to change nothing. It’s not stopping to go to the gym or paying attention to what you eat. To love yourself is to accept your body envelope, to be proud of it and “to feel good about yourself.”

This last expression is a common language. To feel good is to be fulfilled, happy in the current situation and assuming perfectly one’s personality. What is in this phrase? Feeling good is also feeling good in your body. Feeling good is also to be self-confident, to be able to look at oneself in the eyes.

Look at you

Now that you have found this freedom to be naked, strip and stand in front of your mirror. If you have a full mirror, the exercise will be even more beneficial. Look at you naked in front of that mirror. Look at you and thank this body, that skin that harbors your soul. For this is what this body is: The envelope of your life. This envelope is beautiful. It looks good on you. It was made to measure. If your inner voice tells you that no, you are not so good, shut it up! You’re the best you can be right now. You don’t have to bang your head against the walls. As I wrote, there are certainly things you want to change. Decide what and start. For the rest, smile and say you are beautiful.

Because yes, you are beautiful. Yes, you’re going to tell me that John or Cathy Doe is prettier than you are. What efforts has he/she made for this? Are you ready to do the same? And then, does this plastic beauty hide any other flaws? Do you think all the Ken and Barbie of this world are happy and “belonged”? And then why compare? Unfortunately, society, television, and advertising are watering us ad nauseam of these “perfect” bodies. So, look at you in that mirror and say you’re beautiful. Because yes, it is a truth.

Your soul is unique

Your breasts fall, the skin of your belly is flappy, and your thighs skin looks like orange peel! Don’t worry, we’re millions like that! But those breasts, that belly, those thighs, they’re yours. And I love those breasts, these thighs, and that belly. They are unique, they make what you are, and they are the envelope of your soul, which animates you (because soul comes from the Latin Anima, which animates). And that’s what naturists look at. That’s why between naturists, we look in the eye. The envelope does not have the importance it has for textiles.

And these little jewels, these tattoos, what functions do they have? To beautify your envelope! Be proud too. So look at you again, blow a kiss and smile! You are good looking! You are ready to face the eyes of others.

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

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