What to put in your luggage for a nudist holiday?


The holidays are coming and the question of suitcases is always a delicate moment. What to put in your suitcases? Depending on the means of transport, car, train, plane, weight and volume will play an important role. However, when we go on a nudist holiday, one thing is certain, we will be able to limit weight and volume. But are we sure? This article will guide you and give you ideas according to your tastes and habits.

The minimalist

The minimalist will seek to minimize weight and volume. Nudism meaning nudity, you plan to spend all of your time naked, therefore without clothing. So there is no need to burden yourself with clothes that will stay at home. While the approach is relatively rational, it implies that no activity will require clothing and that the temperature will be mild enough to allow daily nudity.

This is where the most optimistic of minimalists comes to some sort of sanity. What to wear when visiting outside the limits of the naturist area? What to wear when the temperature drops? The bare minimum can then be imposed on what you are going to wear for travel and one or two changes if necessary and that’s it. The minimalist that I follow follows this approach: no underwear, two t-shirts, shorts and a pair of thongs, it’s all in terms of clothing in the suitcase. I would have on my back another t-shirt, a light jacket, pants and a pair of light shoes.

Then come the functional items: towels, sarong (for hiking), sports shoes, cap, toiletry bag. Everything fits happily in a cabin suitcase or in a small travel bag. We can add a few pounds, a tennis racket and a deck of cards, without the volume or weight being really affected.

The pessimist

There will be plenty of things to visit, the evenings will be cool, the weather may turn bad, sunburns occur when you are not wary enough, … So many excuses for the pessimist who is going pack your bags as you would for a textile holiday. If you are the pessimistic type, then pack your bags normally, or almost.

Why almost? Well, because you will still be naked for a good part of the day and therefore you will minimize the wearing of your clothes. It is therefore possible to limit them in your suitcases. By doing this, you may be lucky enough to be able to put everything in a cabin suitcase and therefore not to check baggage if you are traveling by plane or to keep your suitcase nearby if you are traveling by train.

time lapse photography of people walking in airplane hallway

I have a little tip for the pessimist that I sometimes am: pack a normal suitcase, then remove half of the things I had planned. Did I put on four t-shirts? I only keep two. I put on a swimsuit just in case? I take it off. You see the action. At this time, you should not think about it or let your pessimistic side sweat. Just take off half of what you put on.

Obviously, your little inner voice will try to stop you. Let it express itself without paying attention. The only thing not to remove is a k-way or equivalent to protect you in the event of rain. Finally, to protect your clothes, because in case of nudity, letting the rain fall on your body is a unique impression.

A question of balance

You are torn between optimism and pessimism. You are probably right. That’s why, as often in life, it’s all about balance. A naturist stay is planned to be spent naked, so an absence of clothes is essential. On the other hand, cool days and evenings are possible, so are tours outside the center. A rational approach is then the following:

  1. Count the number of days you think you will need clothes.
  2. Lay the clothes you think you need on your bed corresponding to the number of days previously calculated.
  3. Divide them in half, keeping only the clothes you prefer (the ones you like to wear.
  4. Pack your suitcase.

Divide by two? Yes, for two main reasons:

  1. You will be wearing these clothes for a shorter period of time each time, so it is possible to wear them twice in a row.
  2. This gives you the opportunity to do some local shopping without dreading the weight of your suitcase on return.

The balanced goal is to fit everything into a cabin suitcase or small travel bag. Follow the previous steps and force yourself to divide by two. Try it out and experience a light and relaxing naturist holiday!

Strip naked, stay naked, live naked and share the love of naturism!

Photo Erol Ahmed , Ina Carolino on Unsplash


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