Merry Christmas 2020 and Happy New Year 2021


While this year has been odd, to say the least, and very special, we don’t know whether next year will be better or worse. But happiness is a personal matter and in large part the result of our choices and attitudes. Naturism is part of this happiness that transcends viruses and government injunctions, it seems.


The festive season is there to remind us that it is necessary to take what life gives us with happiness and joy. Even though family gatherings are limited, even though we must continue to protect our elders and ourselves from this terrible virus, it is our choice to slow down and party.

There are many things to celebrate. So much for mine:

  • my personal health, that of my wife, my children, my parents and in-laws and our many friends;
  • our friends who are there for the good and the less good times;
  • our professional lives, which have experienced tremors this year, and allow us to live at ease;
  • naturism that we live almost every day;

Those are the simple things that are slowing me down my work activities for the holidays. To make the best of our family, our friends, nature and moments spent together or alone, naked or dressed. Those are also the simple things that we must celebrate every day, in the face of difficulties, the gloomy atmosphere and Cassandras of all kinds.

Live your passions

I’m used to make resolutions for each year. My resolutions are professional and personal in nature. On this blog, I have a few times shared my naturist resolutions. And then the upheavals of my life have sometimes put them in the closet, but as I have a furious desire to make 2021 a great year, here are my three naturist resolutions:

  1. spend at least a week completely naked in a naturist center;
  2. take at least five naked hikes;
  3. make at least one new couple of naturist friends.

Why not more than three? Because I like this number. It is at the same time motivating, without being excessive. If I reach them quickly, then there is always time to do more. Otherwise, we can take it easy and take our time. These are not questions of life and death, just goals to be achieved to say that we progress in happiness and wisdom.

These three seemingly simple resolutions will force me to continue to organize professional and personal activities differently. The year 2020 has shaken up my naturist activities, even in keeping this blog (I would probably come back to this in a future post, because motivation is a subject that fascinates me). However, there is no question of giving up this lifestyle that makes me happy. It is about continuing to live and amplify my passion for naturism, and active and social nudity, through this blog and the activities that we can practice naked, individually, in couple, in family or in group.

In this period of social change, between pandemic and global warming, I believe that naturism is one of the keys to the necessary energy transition and one of my keys to happiness. By fully living our naturism, we can think differently about our relationship to others, to society, to nature, to our body, to our health, to our desires, to our individual and collective happiness.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, an excellent year 2021, under the sign of naturism and shared nudity!

Strip Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Nudism Love!

Photo Annie Spratt on Unsplash


  1. I think there is a healthy place to, as you say, “amplify” these things. It’s easy to get passive. It’s easy to get in a rut. And worse, it’s easy to get discouraged.

    For some, a healthy place is contentment. Not necessarily to amplify things, but to be better at enjoying the moment better.

    Sometimes it is fun to drive a fast car fast. The thrill is worth it and we’re eager for the next experience. And sometimes it is good to drive slow, and take in all the scenery.

    Either way, live the life and live it well. 🙂

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