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Gender imbalance in naturism? We hear this often. It seems Bare Oaks family naturist park has the right formula to attract men and women alike. In this episode of the Naturist Living Show, Stéphane, the owner of Bare Oaks and host of the podcast, interviews 7 women about their experience of naturism at Bare Oaks.

It’s a fascinating episode that is worth listening and give to women (and men) who are reticent to try naturism. One word came to my mind when listening to it: respect. Another aspect that transpires through the podcast is security. Women interviewed by Stéphane felt secure. It has something with the culture and the atmosphere that Stéphane has instilled at Bare Oaks for sure. It’s worth reading his anti-harassment policy:

“Bare Oaks defines harassment as:

  1. Unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, solicitations, propositions, gestures, threats, ridicule or jokes of a crude or sexual nature;
  2. Persistent attempts to engage another person in a clearly undesired conversation;
  3. Unsolicited comments about someone’s body or specific body parts;
  4. Persistent staring, stalking, following, voyeuristic positioning, or crowding of personal space;
  5. Aggressive acts or threatening body language;
  6. Offensive, abusive, demeaning, humiliating, threatening, or intimidating communication or behaviour;
  7. Intentional touching of another person without prior, mutual consent;
  8. Public sexual behaviour, sexual acts or displays.”

Once again, it may sound common sense, but respect and consent are the key words when reading the 8 rules above. I truly believe that those rules make Bare Oaks the naturist safe haven that interviewed women describe and what makes naturism as I view it an awesome lifestyle.

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  1. I so appreciate Nick and Lens for their contributions and hard work to bring naturism to the forefront of everyday life! Nudism or naturism is so wholesome!

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