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By Christopher Jeremiah

Yes, I am speaking of your beautiful body.  

It is what we inhabit while we are together on this planet. We should be proud of what we all have. It is, however, something that most people feel too ashamed of, and in turn, hide it from the world. Perhaps you may feel that others could judge you based purely on your looks at times. It is our unfortunate reality that we are sometimes automatically seen as good or bad based solely on our outer shell. I have even read that if two women apply for the same job, most of the time the prettier of the two would be the one that gets the job regardless of their qualifications. 

Do you realize that if we placed more emphasis on what’s inside, we would be in a much more inspiring, loving and accepting world? 

I really don’t comprehend why we have laws against public nudity. It’s not indecent to wear what you were born with.  

What could be more decent than appreciating our own bodies and not shaming them?  

It is not immoral, as my not wearing clothes has nothing to do with my morality.  I’m a very moral person, I treat people with respect and kindness no matter their lifestyle.

Why can’t textiles respect our honorable lifestyle? 

Another point to consider, if we all could just accept others for who they are,  

We would not even need clothes! 

But since the clothing industry would absolutely flop and go by the wayside, this will never happen. It won’t happen because too many narrow-minded people will always equate the wrong things together.

Which two things am I talking about? 

I am sure that we all know, that its always nudity and……… 

…..sex of course!  

Some people believe that a nude body is a sexual body and can’t distinguish between the two. These depraved individuals are the ones we need to protect the women and children from. I’m disgusted by the actions of these types of individuals.   

While keeping an open mind, ask yourself why clothes are really necessary. The only valid logical reason is to protect yourself from elements like rain and snow and for some the sun for which there is sunscreen. They also serve, to some extent, to keep seats sanitary, hence, the reason for our towels. 

The other reasons are: 

The protection of our children. In the right environment they can be protected by the nudist clubs and other family friendly organizations. Fortunately, “research suggests that children who have seen their parents nude do not grow up to be emotionally scarred, but instead are more likely to be accepting of their own bodies and comfortable with their own sexuality.” says Holly Robinson on “The naked truth on family nudity.” 

It also does not harm children in any way, and there’s tons of evidence to back those findings up. It actually helps them to understand their own body, if you present the body in a wholesome, non-shameful manner. 

You feel ashamed of your body  

If you know of the “perfect” body, I would love to see it. However, this is an utter impossibility since what I find perfect you may not and vice versa. Remember, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We are much harder on ourselves than other people are. If you are at a nudist venue, no one there will even notice you. They are probably nude too. They won’t even give you a second glance.  

People in the media are beautiful 

The advertisements that you see on a daily basis are specious, if not spurious. Photoshop, retouching and the numerous other enhancements they utilize. You do know that they use a select few of the real-life community so that they are more appealing. We can only imagine the other fabrications, tricks and deceptions they exploit in their ads. 

Now for the main reason that nudism is beneficial is, that it’s a therapy of sorts and can help you accept yourself and others with respect. Shame and exploitation of the human body should be forsaken while we gain better self-esteem and self-worth. It will show you that every body is beautiful and similar, yet unique in its own way.  

There are numerous other reasons, but they have been covered before so go ahead and, give family-friendly nude recreation a try. It could revitalize your life! As long as the nudity is not gratuitous or sexual in nature, our bodies are beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. 

Even a British article, in Star, states that: “There are millions of naturists in the UK and abroad who enjoy a naked walk on a warm day. They harm no one – no not even children – and are not breaking any laws.” 

After close scrutinization, and opening your mind, and really thinking about your body and what I have stated here, you will most certainly realize it’s beautiful and we all know what is hiding behind the cloaks we wear. The ads you see are not real, but have been enhanced and it doesn’t hurt anyone in any way, including children. 

There is much more to include, however, I just want to leave you with something a gentleman named Robert Morrow said about nudity and also the young impressionable children. His views should be everyone’s views, I was very impressed with what he conveyed in his statements. 

He states:  

It can be demonstrated that one who is constantly exposed to nudity will become desensitized to the effects. This has an even greater effect on children. When they’re raised that way, nudity is normal and people who wear clothes all the time are the weird ones. Personally, I think that, as a civilization, we need to grow up. Even Christians, ones who have actually read the Bible, like nudity, because it’s how God created us. Aside from a brief chastising from God in the beginning of Genesis, there’s really no mention of the body being a shameful thing. In conclusion, religious or not, there’s nothing wrong with nudity, or even just topless ladies. Let them tan their tits, for God’s sake! 

Robert Morrow  

His statement should say it all, Thanks Robert.  

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur from Pexels

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Christopher Jeremiah
True "Buff-man" living on the west coast transplanted from the east coast in New York. Was reborn nude on July 8th, 2018, and composing persuasive essays ever since. I am passionate about exposing the world to the numerous benefits of nudism and convincing everyone to at least try it once. Their lives could change for the better as mine did on the date of my transformation. I still have a very long arduous journey ahead of me, every step I take. I have experienced only 1 nude beach so far, and I plan to sail the seas on an all-nude cruise as soon as possible. I have been writing for your enjoyment as well as therapy for me. I am trying to share the love of the lifestyle. I love getting comments on my writing so that I know you are reading my work and can improve my writing so that more of you will want to partake what I compose. I totally enjoy the freedom and openness of being nude, or as I say, "open and free" See more of my material on my site Christopher Jeremiahblog.com no space Love ? Christopher CJ Jeremiah

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