A nudist is someone who….


……is the friendliest most accepting person you will ever find since they accept you for who you are.

…. accepts you as a person for your differences and wants you to do the same for them. 

….. shows you the authentic genuine person they are without the artificial facades that society forces us all to wear. 

……looks past your body and focuses on the importance of your beautiful personality that shines through your heart. 

…… focuses on your attributes such as your smile, a handshake, and your character while you treat each other with respect and dignity. 

…….is very interested in being a great friend of yours while you have an acceptance of their lifestyle.

……can be tall or short or fat or skinny or man or woman or black or white but someone who always accepts you unconditionally. 

A nudist is… NOT in any way……

…a sexual predator that is after your wife or children. 

…..someone who you must protect yourself from.

…..being sexual or offensive to you or your family and just wants to be accepted by others to make everyone feel comfortable around them. 

…..interested in looking at your bodies with any judgment.

…..interested in showing off their bodies or getting attention from others who may not want to see them. 

…..someone who enjoys being separated from the rest of the world in their own separate communities and seen as abnormal. 

…..someone who is sick, disgusting or deviant as they are seen by others, they just want to be accepted by others for their own lifestyle. 

Photo by Albert Yam – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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