Naturist Thought #85 – Meeting


Meeting people, if you come with an open mind, is always fulfilling. Meetings allow you to discuss important topics, solve issues and meet new people. Meetings can become a plague if they are not prepared and when there are too many that it leaves you too little time to do real work. But have you ever had a naked meeting?

Yes, naked meetings happen in naturist settings when you must meet a bunch of people at your club or resort. The comfort of nudity brings an additional layer of levity, while you need to get serious matters done. With naked meetings, there’s no intimidation based on the Armani suit or the Dior blouse. All are naked to carry serious business, and this is just awesome.

In these moments, you realize clothes are useless. All you need to carry a successful and fruitful meeting is a towel to sit on and all your focus to go through the agenda. As naturists look at each other in the eyes, there’s no way to hide feelings or attention. If all meetings were carried nude, I firmly believe they would be calmer, more productive and focused. As with many other activities, as I am really biased towards nudity, I appreciate them more while naked. What about you?

Get Naked, Stay Naked, Live Naked and Share the Naked Love!

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash


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